With 1 Indisputable Fact, Newt Gingrich Blew Holes In The Claim That Trump Has ‘Mental Problems’

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich went on the full defense for Trump on Fox News on Thursday. With so many people in the media and liberals attacking Trump by saying he is ‘mentally unfit,’ Gingrich completely knocks that argument down by explaining just what Trump has been through in his lifetime.

Gingrich points out that Trump began building a massive real estate empire from a very young age, which is no small feat, even if you come from a wealthy background like he did.

He has mastered his branding skills to the point that people paid to license his name on hotels, resorts, and other buildings across the world so that everyone in the world knows his name.

Gingrich goes on to lay out a number of other landmark accomplishments that Trump has gone on to do:

“‘Bought and developed 19 golf courses. Was on the cover of Time Magazine in 1989 and named the magazine’s Person of the Year in 2016. Produced and starred in a reality TV show for 11 years that attracted more than 20 million viewers in its first season. Wrote multiple bestselling books on business,’ Gingrich lays out.”

That doesn’t even touch everything Trump has accomplished within the last two years, Gingrich points out.

Trump went on to beat 16 other Republican candidates to win the nomination for a major party. He goes on to defeat the obvious Democratic heir apparent who has been involved in politics for over 50 years. He knocked down that empire

Then, within his first year of presidency, Trump nominates a conservative to the Supreme Court which is then approved. He has helped pass the largest tax cut in more than three decades for the American people.

“Imagine as a result of all this, small business confidence, CEO confidence, and consumer confidence are through the roof, which has helped drive the stock market to a record high,” Gingrich says.

Now, does all of that sound like something that could be accomplished by someone who is mentally unfit? Gingrich doesn’t think so, and I think he makes the point that Trump is one of the most capable president’s we’ve had in a long time.

  • Abby Sapp

    So agreed!

  • njdvorak

    Yes Donald Trump is the smartest President we have ever had. He definitely has my vote in 2020. I can hardly wait for him to get the swamp drained. All of these corrupt members of our Government need and should be drained from the swamp. Once that is done there will not be a swamp. I want to see all of these career corrupt politicians gotten out of our Government with term limits, and if the situation requires it I want to see them indicted for accepting bribes and being a traitor to our Country. How else can they all become millionaires without accepting money from lobbyist or whomever to do their bidding instead of taking care of our Country and it’s Citizens. All they ever do is steal money from we Citizens and give it to illegal aliens or Muslim terrorists that have come to our Country under the guise as refugees. Hang em all and hang em high.

    • kevin boarder

      Insider trading is how most of these unethical politicians, become millionaires.

      • njdvorak

        Insider trading is illegal.

  • Wayne Wilson

    a breath of fresh air

  • nrahat

    Don’t forget all those corrupt congressmen and senators are constantly being voted in by illegal aliens who those corrupt congressmen and senators keep using OUR money to keep allowing them into OUR country so that they can stay in office. We need to kick all their, congressman and senators, butts out and put in TERM LIMITS for both the congressmen and senators just like the president of the US has and clean out OUR country once and for all!!!