CNN Anchor Loses It And Claims Trump Is Worse Than North Korea, Then Patriots Make Him Immediately Regret It

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has a terrible relationship with the truth these days. And he’s more confused than ever about the differences between right and wrong. But Cuomo’s malfeasance took a sharp turn towards insanity over the weekend when he dared to insinuate that President Trump was worse than North Korea.

Writer and CNN contributor Salena Zito had the courage to tweet out her anger over journalists trying to normalize North Korea, clearly falling for their propaganda. She said, “I am deeply saddened by how my profession has normalized and glamorized this murderous regime. And then we wonder why no one trusts us.”

To which CNN anchor Chris Cuomo objected to, launching a bizarre defense of North Korea because of… you guessed it: Donald Trump! Cuomo actually had the audacity to tweet out, “You don’t think having a President who lies about what is “fake” and actively maligns the free press out of convenience is a bigger reason for animosity toward us than how some decide to cover this bs?”

But it did not take long before patriots on Twitter took Cuomo to task:

  • Sue

    I live in a community with a couple who absolutely refuse to acknowledge any of Trumps’ accomplishments. Not jobs, the stock market, decreased illegals, nothing. I guess their only news source are alphabet soup stations.
    No offense to alphabet soup, love the stuff.

  • bill14729 .

    Liberals are still drinking the Fake News Kool-Aid