Donald Trump Jr. Absolutely Demolishes Uninformed Michael Moore

Michael Moore never knows when to shut up, and this time is no exception.

Moore thought it would be a good idea to slam President Trump on Twitter regarding his Mar-a-Lago resort during Hurricane Irma, suggesting Trump should open it as a shelter.

But he got more than he bargained for when President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., called him out hardcore for the dig.

Donald Trump Jr. just schooled Moore on geography and we can not stop from laughing. Twitter also blew up on both sides. From liberals hoping that Trump’s resort gets wiped out, to Trump supporters standing up for him.

But thankfully, the resort was prepared.

A spokesman for the Trump Organization said Wednesday that Trump properties in the path of the hurricane “are taking all of the proper precautions … to ensure that everyone is kept safe and secure.”

The left just wished so much hate on the resort.

But these are the same people who are environmentalists and want to save people, and yet are wishing death and destruction to those on the property? Hypocrisy much?