Donald Trump

NYC Students Walk Out Over Trump

A few hundred high school and college students walked out of their classrooms earlier this month. This was part of a planned protest of Donald Trump and his travel ban executive order.

Jess Watters caught up with a number of students in Manhattan’s Foley Square. He got some interesting responses as to why they were opposed to the travel ban.

Some were skeptical, others thought the countries included in the ban were not worse than the United States.

Some were even to find out that after a few eye-opening questions, they actually agreed with the ban.

But hey, a day to cut class is a day to cut class.

  • rmvalentine

    Liberal, indoctrinated, morons. All synonyms. Liberals should be so proud of the fact that they are now a category of people. They are called idiots

  • Jarkko Puustinen

    So antitrump nutcase’s are equally stupid as this English girl:

    • Cat_Tales

      Hilarious and so true, thanks for sharing!!!

  • Mark Evans

    I think it’s better they don’t know why they are protesting. It will make it easier to control them if they aren’t that smart.

  • Ronald Freitas

    Liberal idiots is right

  • Tell the twoof

    Freaking idiots.

    • Token999

      Still waiting for you proof that I have Drug charges and an arrest record……better polish that crystal ball real good.

      • Tell the twoof

        Come on trick, I’ve already proven it.

  • jhforsythe

    Expel the little idiots! They are to stupid to earn a living through honest work.

    • bill14729 .

      Wont happen, Liberal teachers, Liberal Union in a Liberal State that is being Destroyed by Democrats

  • Randi Amundsen

    Feel sorry for these students. When they get out in to the real world they are going to find out that they know nothing

  • SLH

    Stupid starts at a young age.

  • Barbara Maddox Fulcher

    Their lucky I not their parent