Pyscho-Liberal Goes Ballistic On Trump Supporter, Cop Destroys Her!

In a recent video this anti-Trump woman posts her encounter with a police officer that did not go as she had planned.

She admits to driving past a man with a Trump sign in his yard, stopping, cursing him out, and flipping him off.

She then drives off. The man follows her to get pictures of her license plate.

The woman then posts the video starting where the cop is talking to the man. The woman tries to argue that flipping off the man is her First Amendment right.

But the cop isn’t having any of it. Things get wackier from there.


  • Frank

    She provoked a man and then got angry about it. People have been killed for less than shooting bird at someone. That cop was one calm dude I give him an A+++. Wow I was in law enforcement for several years and well let’s just say he handled hisself well. She was totally in the wrong and that’s a person voting for Hillary. They need to make a super computer the president cause people are just dumb as hell these days. God this country has gone to shit!!!!

    • Jojo

      Agreed if that’s why they are voting because she is a female,they need they’re head checked

      • A “friend” of my said that she is voting for Hillary because she is a woman. I told her to go buy a hot dog. Idiot.!!!!

        • dumbfuckinglibtarts

          your friend is a complete dumbass and shouldn’t even be allowed to vote if she’s that braindead.. having a vagina does not qualify someone to run one of the most powerful nations on the planet.. if they were exactly the person this country needed to get back our values and economy I wouldn’t care if they were a man, woman, talkin monkey “like we have now” blue, black, pink, or purple id vote for em.. look at what the idiot that was voted in, just because the color of his skin, has done to our country.. glad you are smart enough to realize what an idiot she must be..

          • Pmanster


    • LeJeune

      She is a typical Man-hating liberal who is voting for Hillary only because she is a woman!

    • Sentiliano canko

      Shut the fuck up u stupid retarded are the one that u started this.provoke him.and u calling him a redneck,well bitch u are the racist one here,and you are the public disturbance.he can support anyone that he want….and
      U can’t stop him or hate him bcs of that.and on top of that he was in his driveway….so how the fuck he is wrong.u going and bother someone in his property bcs u are some retarded psychopath bitch.and u are very annoying person. I don’t give a flying fuck who u support or him.u are Lucky that u are alive and not in problem.honestly hoe if you done something like that to me I don’t give a flying fuck for the law at this point. I would drag ur ass around my block and brake that finger and shove up ur ass…smh Lucky hoe that the cop got there..I can’t belive it that this bitch still keeps talking about and she thinks that she was okay what she did…fuckin dumb retarded bitch….wow

      • Dino

        Awesome, couldn’t have said it better myself……..

      • mzaz

        You are ABSOLUTELY 100% right

      • omg I love it! what you said!

      • monica SOLER

        This is the best comment yet!
        What you said I am dying I needed that laugh. OMG! Hahahahaha!
        Crazy BITCH! Of off the hook!

    • Sentiliano canko

      Well said Frank

    • Sophia Elizabeth Theresamaria

      Dear God: Please just do something about such evil, immoral, godless people like this woman. I guess that is what is meant, our sins our every before us!

    • Dave

      You are right.

    • Elaine

      I’m trying to find her fb page or blog. I’d like to “exercise my freedom of speech” on her. She said she has “alot of followers”, but I can’t figure out how to find her! Any ideas?

      • Smh

        She closed her Facebook page after this. Good thing. I was gonna tell her a thing or two also. Smh what an idiotic thing to lose all control over!

        • Heather

          Do you have any idea what her handle was?

        • mzaz

          She closed it because like all DIMWITS is a coward. They can’t handle the truth.

        • I looked for her too-Backfire on her ass!

      • Pete

        I believe this is the person. Tara Dublin. Looks like her anyway.

        • Vassiliki

          her FB is up and sure looks like her and her posts are Pro Hillary. She is also single- imagine that!

      • John North

        Her name is Tara Dublin. Her email is She lives in Portland, OR. She’s back on Facebook.

    • Dan

      Wow what a mouth. This is a Hillary supporter!!!

    • Dan

      What a D bag hag.

    • Deplorable Grl


    • jim

      She lied to the cop too…I would have dragged her out of the car and pistol whipped her…! Whore…!!!

    • Donna Peretz

      Yep and she is a loser

    • No name

      Psychotic bitch needs to be in the nuthouse. She thinks she did nothing wrong, she is crazy. It is is people like her who are the problem in this country. it is what it is election is over and people need to grow up and get over it. I suffered through eight years of Ovomit, and Hillary would have totally changed our country. I was not a Trump supporter But good God give the man a chance he’s who was elected. I don’t see him doing any worse for our country than Ovomit did Ovomit tried to destroy us.

    • Stephanie

      I agree 100% – she acts like it’s everyone else’s fault when she created the problem herself.

  • Patrick

    Thank you first to the OFFICER for staying calm and using his authority to keep control of this OUT OF CONTROL woman….This woman is the poster child for the type of people tearing this country apart. This is the type of people we need to put on NO FLY lists….Hillary I would be embarrassed if I were you…you have lied to the world and deleted national security email that could or will threaten this country in the future. Just walk away from the election with what dignity you have left. Trump is going to change this country back to being a great nation one day at a time.

    • Mary Lou Long

      This police officer was so nice to listen to her ranting as long as he did. She was even trying to provoke the police to be rude and he wasn’t. She was recording the exchange hoping to escalate the incident she started by giving the man in front of his home. I bet she , with her big mouth did yell at him along with giving him the finger. She actually said as much in one of her raving maniacal rants. Then when the officer asked her if she said anything to the man she denied it. Well she is a chippy off the old Hillary block.

  • MG

    Typical lib. “It’s everybody else’s fault but mine!!!” She’s exactly the reason why I’m not voting for Hillary.

    • D.L

      Who’s is gonna feel sorry for you when you go by the man’s home and act like a two year old? She’s just batshit crazy. I would have followed her crazy ass to.

    • Andie

      Right on … she’s swallowed the Democratic koolade … it’s everyone’s fault but theirs … God save us from these moronic people. Kudos to the policeman.

  • vdenise

    SHE IS NUTS. WHAT POLICE HAVE TO GO THROUGH EVERY DAY. As Patrick said, “Thank you first to the officer.”

  • Rt

    All the violence and crazy is coming from liberals. This lady is perfect example. Her poor kid.

    • rich G

      all of you people are freaks

  • Vairy Boutwell

    I wouldn’t let a kid near this whacko bird. I don’t like Hillary or Trump but i don’t go out of my way to bother the supporters of wither..

  • bobby

    that woman is a crazy liberal CUNT and she’s following Liberalism rule #1: be the victim.

  • cj

    She was mad because the guy had a Hillary for Prison sign but she had no right to pull up to his house and flick him off that is harassment, He should have pulled her out of the car and beat the crap out of her!

    • Melanie Nolty

      First and foremost, I appreciate law enforcement and I don’t feel he got paid enough tax dollars on this day to put up with a crazy psychocpath such as this. If you are only 100 lb 5 ft. Keep your BIG mouth and little bony fingers to yourself. You want to provoke someone because you feel big and bad, then don’t be upset when someone comes after you. I personally hope one day you run your big mouth and someone shuts it right then and there. Really the reason our country is the way it is, is because people like this need a good ole fashioned a** whooping. Lady, you don’t have a clue what a “right” is. If you did, you may use your “RIGHT” to a free country that allows women to get an education. This education may give you the tools to be able to express yourself in a more effective manner. One other than throwing little kid fits and starting confrontations that you can’t finish. Ask a police officer about “protecting rights” They know because they do it every day. They put their life at risk every day to protect the rights of others. You’re poor kids, lets hope they have a better role model in their lives other than you. What an example “hey kids! this is how you act like an idiot!” .. what a society!.. idiots breeding more idiots!

      • Mary

        First she used the woman card then the (little) LIDDilleee card.
        I am liddllee and I can do what I want and your not suspose to say anything, because I’m liddllee. Well if you start it, your open game. so shut up. She made me think of the lady in the Madia movie where she took Media’s parking place in the shopping center .LOL

    • NICK TEE

      this whack job need to be put away like the retard she is voting for

      • Lisa

        What a idiot this wacky btch is. Now did she stop in the front of the house and give this man a finger or did she drive by and give the man the finger? And then after she swears she didn’t say anything to this innocent man minding his own business, I say “BULL-SHIT! With that mouth to a Police office, I don’t believe she was just driving her car by his house & gives him the ole finger and drives on & minds her own business nope not her. I believe, she saw that this man was home and she’s already pissed off at the signs and just goes off on him I’d get in the car and chase her down too. Who the he’ll is this women/idiot thinks she is? I’m sorry but in the United State your allow to vote for ever the he’ll you want and put signs on your property or are they taking this right from us too! That Police officer had more patience that I would have, she wouldn’t even shut up long enough to let him explain to her what the law is. She talked over him the whole time, she needed a ticket and told to shut the he’ll up and let him speak or take her ass in just to pissed her off even more. How disrespectful this so called women is. This should be shown on the news w/o cutting out her true color and embarrass the he’ll out of her! But, it will be the Police Officers fought in the end! These people today are Crazy! Blue Lives Matter! 😒😕😤😲
        And guys, I think she is a man hater!

  • Mike wollen

    Never shuts up, claims stopping her car in front of his house and giving him the finger isn’t inciting a public disturbance because she has no clue what actions represent inciting a disturbance. Had the roles been reversed she would have been on the phone to the police in a heartbeat. It’s always the other guy who is at fault with liberals. What a nutcase. Hate to be her husband.

    • Don

      Likely doesn’t have a husband. No sane man would marry someone like that. If she has multiple children, they likely each have different fathers. Can you imagine spending more than one night with someone like this? She criticizes Trump, but her mouth is a virtual sewer. I pity her kids.

      • Carl

        She doesn’t have a husband even if she is married. She clearly acts as though she wears the head of household pants even though she is utterly clueless. She needs her damn ass kicked and to be taught that its also her 5th amendment right to shut the eff up.

  • DWhite

    This woman is an idiot.

  • Scott Thomas

    What kind of social media star does she think she is? Who cares about her silly video. She makes herself look like the idiot she is.

  • Kim

    She may be an extreme liberal, not psycho, but he seems to be a more extreme G.O.P. supporter, which is my opinion after watching the video. I don’t have a problem with him taking down her license plate number just in case she did decide to go on his property or harassed him in any way but What was he thinking chasing her so close, if she had slammed on her brakes for some reason then he probably would have slammed into her car causing a terrible accident and may or may not caused someone to loose their life, not worth it.

    • NoRightToNotBeOffended

      That’s a lot of speculation. She said he was tailgating. But after 10 minutes of her yapping, I don’t believe anything she says.

    • Robert

      Well I must have missed the part conversation where anyone but her said that he was following her too close! After listening to her, I as a juror would believe that part of her story for one minute. I think if the whole story was heard, she was more than likely slamming on her brakes trying to get him to rear end her!

    • Amy

      You only have a crazy loon’s word for it that he followed her too closely. Someone who acts tough on social media and then when the victim retaliates cries havoc, she can kiss my Lilly whir arse. 😉 She has another video where she sat in front of his house screaming obscenities at his house. She’s bat shit mental (liberal) and I hope DSS pays her a visit.

    • c whitney/lazaro

      kim are you for REAL? EXTREME it was more than EXTREME. she belongs in a nut house. a hillbilly lover that is for sure a WHACKO

    • Dan Leeder

      How do you know that he was following her too close? Because she said so? She is believable to you. She lied to the cop several times. Her size and weight kept changing. She told us that she stopped and flipped him off and called him a racist fucker. She told the cop she only slowed down then later contradicted herself and said that she stopped. She told the cop she said nothing and then added that she MAY have said the f word.

      She’s an idiot and a liar so don’t use her words to convict the other guy. You are showing your own bias.

    • Fay

      You only have her word that he was close enough for that. Having said that, she tells once she’s 102 then it’s 104 then she didn’t stop she slowed down, then she stops then she slowed down. She’s a freaking lying asswip who can’t tell the truth.

    • DJ

      We don’t know the details of this, but I suspect that if he was driving fast and was close to her, it was because he was trying to see her license plate number. This woman is a total wacko. If she doesn’t stop going around inciting arguments, as the cop said that she was doing, someone might react violently.

    • youradumbass

      you gotta be a dam liberal idiot yourself? she started the entire incident and you wanna blame the guy who was kinding his own dam buissness? yes .. she is a psycho and you are an extreme idiot.. see the difference now?

    • Clint Baron

      You used the words “so close” ……………it’s not shown how “close” he was while following her …………. except that he was within visual to see her license plate……. and by law, he is ALLOWED close enough to see the identification numbers on her license plate …. which is, by law, the reason they are displayed on … still,… after all these years AT THAT SIZE …. requiring the following individual to approach within that range, This woman is a nut!

    • Nada Prickett

      Don’t believe her about following to close….
      It’s clear shes delusional.
      Someone will constitute all over her 104 pd ass, a matter of time.
      Trump President Elect!!

  • Chuck

    What poor man is married to this nut, hats off to the the officer for not macing this nut job, I almost order one of those Hillary for Prison signs myself, lol

  • Susan

    Great police officer! As a typical liberal, she thinks that she has 1st Amendment rights but the Trump supporter doesn’t. Her main problem is that someone called her on her vulgar action. She’s probably used to bulldozing over everyone around her.

  • This psycho is a Hillary supporter???? Lol!!! Indicative of what’s to come. I can’t believe she kisses her child with that filthy foul mouth.

  • Cosmo Krackers

    Typical Pu$$y Drrumpf supporter, afraid of a 100lb woman, feels the need to call the cops.

    • A

      You might wanna rewatch that, she chased down the cop not him.

    • mar

      She chased down the cop. At the end of the day.. She was the cause of the whole situation.. Acting like a tough girl then wasting the time of a police officer to cry that a big bad wolf was chasing her… Our Police officers have better things to do then babysit this wack job.

      • Patrick

        Youre a Lib aren’t you, there was no fear from the guy he was making sure she stopped harassing him and his house. He lived in a school zone so the chances of him having children were high, and he was rational where I wouldn’t have been if that’s the case. Anyone threatens my home you are no longer a man or woman you are now an enemy and I will eliminate my enemy anyway possibly hail, threats, violence, or death. He has the right to protect his home end of story

    • Red Car

      So you don’t have a problem with a batshit crazy lunatic coming by your house, getting out of her car and cursing you out? I’m thinking you’re batshit crazy too. That’s tantamount to stalking and making a terrorist threat. I would have followed her to get her license plate then gone to the PD and sworn out a complaint. That beotch is so crazy she would have the cops convinced I was right no matter what I accused her of.

    • dumbfuckinglibtarts

      typical Hillary supporter! she clearly said that she chased down the cop dumbass!! but true to dumb fucking liberal retarded democrat Hillary supporters.. change the story and words around and lie to make your sad attempt at blaming the other people for everything and taking no blame for anything yourselves.. get a job, quit sucking off the taxpayers and then talking shit about the ones that feed, house and gave you a free phone. and pull your dam pants up.

  • Eddie Lopez

    Well, so far all 18 comments are anti this woman. (on youtube) lol, make it 19 now. I’m a former cop and just to teach her a lesson, I would have found some traffic code violation. Anything – just to piss her off even more., lol. Or I could have said, “ma’am, I’m writing you a citation.” and she would have said, “for what?” And I would have answered, “for being stupid.” Then I would have said, “nah, just kidding. I’m gonna cite you for being ugly.” Ok, ok, I wouldn’t have said either one, but in all the years patrolling the roads I can tell you I would have found a traffic code violation. And I would have said simply, “I was going to let you go, but I notice that – – – – “

    • Karen Decker

      Thank you Eddie….I totally agree with the way you think. This woman is a moron!!! She needs to understand that this man has the RIGHT to post whatever he wants to on his property. He does not have to get HER friggin’ stupid, illiterate approval. I’m embarassed for women when I see this “stupid broad” think that she can pass judement on what people put in their yards. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I HATE HILLARY AND SHE AND HILLARY NEED TO SHARE A JAIL CELL. I husband was a cop – I whole-heartedly would have supported him in finding an infraciton against ANY VEHICLE CODE….this woman needs a dog muzzle…and meanwhile you leave your kid at school waiting for you when there are predators in the world…LIKE YOU??? (and Hillary) ??? 🙂

  • Colleen Gibbs

    Calling her a woman or lady is a stretch. Nice mouth, nice language. Get some help!

  • Bonnie

    You call him names with your foul mouth? You made yourself look the fool. If you had just not been so abussive and agitated you would have been able to pick your son up. Don’t you think your son is more important than the presidential election?

  • Jill

    Lady you are so tweaked out looking and acting… You are pissed off because he took pictures of your car and followed you… What did you do to him? Didn’t you say you took pictures of his house, didn’t you say you flipped him off? Maybe you should quit going around acting like a little cracked out nut bag!
    You get out your personal information about where you’re going and your child’s name… You really are stupid as they come!
    And for the record… I am not a Trump supporter Noa I am not a Hillary supporter… But I am definitely laughing at your crazy ass!

  • Anthony

    And somewhere, there is a guy, that has to share a house with this crazy bitch… I think we should take a moment of silence to recognize his unfortunate damnation.

  • John Redman

    This idiot shouldn’t be allowed to vote, much less drive. This my friend is what’s the matter with this country. Brain dead people like this idiote.

  • Marty Gantt

    Oh wow Laughingmyao I feel sorry for having a mother like this! Hey Hillary did you and Obama train this! STUPID PERSON

  • CATE

    You are the stupidest idiot I have ever witnessed.

  • Robin

    I was just curious if anyone recognizes the police officers uniform. As i am interested in where this mentally disturbed female resides? Just want to see if the statistics on where the Hellery (Hillary) supporter states vs. Trump states are correct. She stated that she had many followers on social media so since she will share this with everyone I am curious if its a Trump state or that other candidates state.

    • Hanksey

      it would be hard to find out where the cop was from. When this dirty mouthed woman posted the portion of the video where the cop was talking to her, the video was reversed.
      Hillary is for Hillary – not for woman. She defended a man for raping a 12 year old little girl. Then about 2 years later when she was asked a question about the case, she laughed and admitted she knew he was guilty. Read some of the books that have been written about her. You’ll see she uses the “f” word quite frequently.

      She then laug

  • Ho Chi Sock

    Is there any way we can identify this rabid cunt?

    • A.M.

      Tara Dublin from Washington State

  • Absolutely hilarious! I want to make a response to this! Do you have the source, or has she taken it down? I really wouldn’t be surprised.

  • M. Day

    The bitch needs to learn to keep her mouth shut and that finger down. She stirred up troubled and using fowl language which is NOT lady like. Thanks to the man in BLUE, cause I would found something on her car that would have detained her – just pissing her off moreover. She needs to be evaluated as a true Mental Case.

  • Clive

    My god, the replies here are so full of absolute stupidity that it’s remarkable.


      ya and I bet your a real rocket scientist yourself there must have the mental disorder we’ve come to know as liberalism yourself?

  • Poor woman doesn’t even know how ignorant she has made herself look on a national level…..

  • Tammy Jean

    She is an embarrassment to the female gender.

  • What flipping psychopath, no self respecting “Redneck ” would drive an Audi Maybe she needs to stay off the Adderall and be a good soccer mom .. just because _you do not agree with a fellow Americans political views doesn’t mean you have a right to harassing, rude , tawdry Behavior.

  • Drumrboy

    This crazy bitch flips off a guy for exercising HIS First Amendment rights because it doesn’t agree with HER First Amendment rights? LOL!! You can’t make this crap up! Typical liberal, hiding behind the very document their “leaders” want to burn. The hypocrisy of the left is boundless…

  • Drumrboy

    This crazy bitch flips off a guy for exercising HIS First Amendment rights because it doesn’t agree with HER First Amendment rights? LOL!! You can’t make this crap up! Typical liberal, hiding behind the very document their “leaders” want to burn. The hypocrisy of the left is boundless…

  • scott burress

    What a stupid bitch. Love how she openly admitted to harassing that guy. I think the bigger pussy is whoever is married to this crazy nut job.

  • me

    I think my brain cells just died a little watching that.. That lady be crazy! haha #TRUMP2016

  • Jadbo U. N.ext T.usday

  • Jumpin Jack U. N.ext T.uesday

  • Greg

    THIS is why the police should carry Duct tape.
    Typical behavior by an incredibly professional patient public servant, cop deserves a medal.

  • Richard Kuklinski

    I hope someone sets her house a blaze in the wee hours of the morning and the cunt burns alive.

    • pattydeee

      Look Richard Kuklinski … I don’t like what this foul mouth woman did and said either… But my God you are talking crazier than she is by saying ” I hope someone sets her house a blaze in the wee hours of the morning and the cunt burns alive” Shame on you. This woman has children!

  • boopsie fontaine

    100lbs of BS from her vulgar mouth. And you have kids? Shame on you you classless idiot.
    Find another route if your this offended. I was offended that you use words that women are weak?
    Seriously? You lose!

  • Amy

    She’s such a bald faced liar, here she is stalking his house..

  • Beth

    She uses more lewd language than Trump did in that tape!! Wow, lady, wait till your kid sees this. That should be a proud moment for you.



  • Nunya

    A redneck….in an Audi….yeah….seems legit.

    • Amy L.

      ROTFLMAO! I caught that too…LOL But we’re all rednecks now according to the left. The new thing is that white women didn’t vote Killary because we’ve internalized misogyny… bhahahaahahaha

  • Nunya

    A redneck….in an Audi….yeah…seems legit.

  • Jason

    Where is this at??? Right hand drive car?

  • RICH


  • heather

    WOW….. Talk about some pent up anger. The thing that get’s me is simple. She shouldn’t flip someone off and then expect nobody to say anything to her about it. Never heard the other persons side but if he did chase her in his car and scare her then shame on him road rage is very dangerous not only to the parties involved but the uninvolved. Thank god that cop kept his wits about him. This election has gotten beyond nasty and a shit show. At this point I’m just ready to get it over with…..At this point america let’s just pick the lesser of the two evils and take our lumps either way the dice roll..

  • Stacy

    This Lady is An Over the TOP Trouble Making Liberal, with A Motor Mouth !!!

    I have added her husband to my prayer list 🙂

  • Rational Human

    She is the problem with this country. She professes to be tolerant however she is the most intolerant of them all.

  • Darcy Butkus

    I don’t care if she is 4’9 and 80 lbs! This woman is nothing but lowlife trash! How many times did she say the F word? How many times did she say the P word? Perfect example of why we need a Republican in the White House! This is one crazy chick! Poor Ben!

  • R Schmidt

    Instant message to Dublin: 1) Rednecks don’t drive Audi’s 2) please try to be accountable and responsible by picking up your child from school timely. Would love to chat more, but I’m on my way to a Trump rally! 😀

  • Fay

    That’s not a woman that’s an it. . Oh my its poor husband has to kiss that mouth. Wow I feel so sorry for him. Bet the cop had to go to the Jim to get that one outta his system.

  • Trump Supporter

    I wish this psycho Bitch would just fall off the face of the earth. Can you imagine being married to this stupid dumb BITCH. You could never get a word in because she can’t close that big fat ugly ass mouth of hers for one minute. Oh by the way Bitch, I’m a TRUMP supporter. Why in the world would you want a stupid fucking lieing bitch in the White House. She has broken so many laws not to mention deleted classified emails. Oh wait that’s right, she’s still married to that dumbass piece of shit that has had so many affairs and had his dick sucked under the desk in the White House. I bet she can will do the same with Kaine. He can be her bitch now. Nope, it won’t happen because she is not going to be elected. So now you Psycho bitch can go straight to hell. May I pack your bags for you?????? Piece out!!!

  • Jake

    Jesus H. Christ, what an ugly bitch.

  • MK

    The stupid runs very deep in that woman. She can’t understand that provoking someone using an obscene gesture means you are wanting to start a fight. If you push someone and mean it and do it unapologetically, that someone is more than likely gonna push back, and harder too. She has lived her whole life thinking she is some weakling fragile woman that can go around hitting guys and it’s okay because she is small and a woman. She doesn’t understand that hitting someone is wrong no matter who you are. And some people don’t give a damn if you’re small or not. If you hit them, they will hit back, usually more than once or twice too.

  • jo

  • jojo

  • Dinty

    This twit C_annot U_nderstand N_ormal T_hought

  • Lois

    This woman’s atrocious behavior is what our police have to deal with on a regular basis. She treats this officer like he is the enemy when he calmly tries to tell her the consequences of her actions and what can happen if she continues. As for the owner of the house…he shouldn’t have chased her …. he has the evidence on video and all he had to do was call the police. Situations similar to this can turn deadly in a second__especially when someone like her won’t attempt to be reasonable. Her anger is misguided at a Trump supporter rather than the issues themselves of the candidate she is against. Pray for our police…they suffer so many verbal attacks when they are only trying to calm the situation down and advise the persons involved. Pray for God to place his hand upon this world and all the tribulations people are suffering and to bring truth,wisdom, and peace.

  • Yvonne

    What a bimbo. She actually sounds like Hilary. could you imagine someone like that representing us!!!!

  • Al Bundy

    Kudos to the Police Officer for giving justice its due. This foul mouth man hater is teaching her son to hate her and don’t have enough sense to realize it. She said she was exercising her rights, just wait until the clintons and hussein obama bring their muslim friends into the country as a woman she wont have ANY rights!!!! People like this make me hope that hillary does become POTUS!!!!

  • Luis Marrero

    I love it, but we are the crazy racist ones, she is a racesit and feminist, and I love the fact that she cut out a lot of her video that show she is in the wrong as the cop was trying to explain, but she edited it out.

  • Just like a liberal. Never shuts up even when they are wrong. She is asking for trouble. Cool headed officer. The man did right by getting this persons license plate. This is why we need Trump

  • Trumped

    Girl you need to be on meds! Its people like u that are destroying our country. Im a strong woman that does not need to express my feelings about what I believe in by lowering myself in using vulgarity (middle finger) to get my point acrossed. Dont worry when killary gets elected sharia law will be the new law that u will have to get accustomed to and they will behead mouthy people like u. Do u want to be that example for all women???? You might want to check that.

  • Ted

    Can you imagine, Trump has been in business for over 30 years, never accused of being a racist or a sexist until he ran for president.
    The Clintons have been in office over 30 years and have assaulted women sexually and demoralized them for speaking out. Remember Bill as President saying he never had sexually relations with Monica Lewinsky. Paula Jones was paid by the Clintons as a settlement of over $800,000. If Bill Clinton was a regular citizen with his tattered past would be listed as a sexual predator. Can you imagine if he would have been a high school teacher, it would have been like being in a candy store and his wife would have stated it was the girls fault. Dont forget that he did these things while holding the highest office in our country.
    Hillary has ties with the KKK by admiring Byrds behavior with the klan.
    So when you speak out against a candidate and your candidate has a tattered past, Benghazi, emails, supporting your husbands assault past, slush funds, keep your window up and listen to the radio.

  • Go Trump!

    Girl you need to be on meds! Its people like u that are destroying our country. Im a strong woman that does not need to express my feelings about what I believe in by lowering myself in using vulgarity (middle finger) to get my point acrossed. Dont worry when killary gets elected sharia law will be the new law that u will have to get accustomed to and they will behead mouthy people like u. Do u want to be that example for all women???? You might want to check that.

  • Amanda

    Sorry lady, you agged it on. Not all white folks are rednecks, so you stereotyping and using foul language says a lot about the white trash you are! And you are voting for her because she is a woman & you think she will empower women? You have issues and should have your voting rights stripped. You don’t vote on gender! This woman is for no one but herself! She uses the emotions of woman, minorities, & illegal aliens (which is ILLEGAL) to get your sympathy vote. You know why she is still married to a SEX OFFENDER/WOMANIZER? Because she has NO SELF RESPECT & is ONLY AFTER MONEY & POWER! You did start it, so if you can’t take the consequences of your actions, then maybe you should just sit down! Wikileaks is already showing that this whole groping thing was planned from them earlier this year, which means they already knew about the tape. So why didn’t those women come forward earlier? Because it’s ALL MADE UP & idiots like you is what that crooked hag depends on! 🙄Sheeples!!!

  • Lanie

    First thing I’ll say is I don’t appreciate her trying to represent women…She DOES NOT represent me or many other women I am privileged to know. Second thing I’ll say is, SHAME on her for acting like an undisciplined, out of control, trophy for showing up, throw myself on the floor because I’m not getting my way, my beliefs are the only ones that are right human being. She is the same person who, if you flipped the script and the man would have done the same thing to her, would have chased him to run that fowel mouth of hers, get his info and have him in front of a judge for a harassment and inciting a hate crime for her views. It makes me sad that you see so many Hillary supporter’s, as well as Hillary herself, personally attacking Trump supporter’s. You see Trump supporter’s posting videos and documented truths about Hillary. Yes, there are a handful of Trump supporter’s who engage in the ignorant name calling on Hillary too but the percentage is a fraction of the Hillary supporter’s. This woman is a prime example of what’s wrong with the USA.

  • Deke

    Crazy Bitch ought to be HilLIARy Clintons cellmate

  • shay

    She is a nut case like most Hillary supporters and if they think its bad now wait till Hillary gets in life and America will not be distinishable froma 3rd world country when she is finished with it.

  • Cindy

    This lady is like very other stupid bitch voting for Hillary. If you serious believe Hillary is your answer, you are sadly mistaken. Hillary is only out for herself and voters like this psychotic lady is more of what we will see if Hillary is elected. Our country is already coming apart at the seams and Hillary is not the answer. She hasn’t done anything to better this country in all the years she has been in office, what makes you think she has the answers now!!!

  • Cindy

    This lady is like every other stupid bitch voting for Hillary. If you serious believe Hillary is your answer, you are sadly mistaken. Hillary is only out for herself and voters like this psychotic lady is more of what we will see if Hillary is elected. Our country is already coming apart at the seams and Hillary is not the answer. She hasn’t done anything to better this country in all the years she has been in office, what makes you think she has the answers now!!! These poor officers don’t get paid enough for what they deal with on our streets of today! Help Donald get elected!!!

  • Patricia

    Seems that Clinton supporters feel they can get a way with any behavior……just like Hillary.

  • Jill

    One thing that people should know is that a week before posting this, she was stalking him. She had posting pictures all over FB and Twitter of his yard signs and nasty remarks. Also, he CALLED the police because he was tired of her BS. She also got of her car at his house! He has surveillance cameras set up. The video is edited so that you don’t see the cop telling her that she was in the wrong. Days after the video, the guy filed a lawsuit against her. It just went to court this week. The judge decided to give Dublin a reprimand and instructed her that, if she is found one more time engaging in harassing or stalking behavior, the restraining order will be granted. []

    She is darn lucky she does not live in my city because the cops would have tazzed her and pulled her ass out of that car.

    • Scott

      thank you. you just wrote what i expected and thought was the truth. and your 100% correct. she wouldve and shouldve been arrested just off what we see in the video

  • Pam Manley

    She’s bitching about her 1st amendment right to flip him off but what about his 1st Amendment right express his freedom of speech with signs on his own property? Typical hypocrite liberal!

  • JW

    Honestly, this isn’t about liberal or conservative. This is just a woman who would be annoyingly entitled no matter what side of the fence she falls on. I am liberal and wouldn’t want her to be a representative for my beliefs.

    I think this is the issue… on both sides… taking one person and saying she represents an entire party.
    The cop was SO nice and patient, she was disrespectful to him which really is disappointing.

    Nonetheless, she is within her right to flip him off (though I think it’s really childish and unnecessary) and I do think it’s a little threatening to jump in your car and chase someone down, but clearly not illegal. The most important thing to take away from this is that we should all just respect everyone else’s opinions as we expect ours to be. This country doesn’t have to be so divided about things, if people could only learn to operate with respect and decorum.
    The only person that did this in the video was the police officer. Hats off to him and all the men in uniform that have to deal with childish antics that escalate like this.

    • you cant win a stupid conversation with a liberal… they are far more stupid then you..

      pulling in front of HIS home and taking pictures and shouting vulgarites and flipping him off at his own home where he may have children, that wasn’t threatning? I would of dragged her out of her dam car .. so him following her to get her plate number and letting her know that he will protect his home and family was the threatning part of this story to you? how does he know if she’s a phycho that wouldn’t come back at night and set his home on fire or not? he was minding his own dam buissness and yet you put any blame on him what so ever for being concerned enough to follow her to get her plate? YES… YOU DEFINITLY ARE A LIBERAL JW MORE LIBERAL LOGIC AT IT’S FINEST! how you can blame this man for anything in this story just confuses the hell out of me.. just like every other liberal who has no reasonable answer or knows they are dead wrong in something automaticly call’s a conservative “racist” yall’s ace in the hole card! makes me sick!! every dam one of you that call us racist I bet lives in the most lilly white fucking neighborhood possible.. liberals are the biggest hypocrits on the planet.. double standard do as we say not as we do assholes..

  • Scott

    hahahaa she said he has cameras in front of his house because he knows hes threat….wtf to who? himself? people normally put cameras up to detour threats…. thats funny. I personally wouldve arrested her for 3 misdemeanors + the admitted traffic violations then for obstruction when she wouldnt shut her mouth when instructed to do so while the cop was trying to make heads or tails of the situation and explain the situation… she created her own crap. how did she expect the cop to act?

  • Willie

    If I were to present my middle finger to a stranger, what might the result be?

  • Scooter Mcfee

    Don’t we have some laws allowing for putting rabid dogs down??

  • Ann

    If she had flipped the bird at me in my drive I would hit her with a paint ball gun then she would have something to complain about if she could but she wouldn’t

  • Supporter of Trump

    OMG what a psycho bitch! She kept contradicting herself you can tell she has a lot of hostility in it and her. She kind of reminded me of Hilary Killory when Trump gets her and she’s got to think of something and get angry and push back. She needs anger management classes and this bitch maybe needs a little bitch slapping.#yeshesabitch

  • I want To Slap Her

    What a stupid & annoying bitch! She was TOTALLY in the wrong but too damn ignorant to admit or even acknowledge it. That cop shoulda cuffed the loudmouth for not shutting up. What’s even funnier is how she videos the entire thing like “all her many followers” are going to cheer her on and agree with her! LMAO

  • I’m not a Trump supporter or a Clinton supporter. I dislike and distrust both parties. Aside from all the politics – how dare you cause a ridiculous commotion over something you totally instigated. Then to stop a police officer, taking him away from doing real work, only to completely interrupt him the whole time he tried to talk, just for 15(?) minutes of social media attention (after all, that’s all this was about) while you ranted and raved throwing a tantrum like a five year old. I feel sad for the poor child who was waiting for you to pick him up! To top it off you presume this man is a redneck and racist just because he’s supporting someone you don’t agree with!!! Boo hoo!! You are an asshole and I hope your high strung attitude gives you a massive heart attack and you die, you ignorant bitch!

  • Ken

    Am I the only sane enough to notice the steering wheel was on the Wrong side of her car. In America the steering wheel is one the left side . My opinion is this was staged to suck in another country to suck in the people who believe everything.

  • David

    Lady…and I use that term VERY loosely…you are an ass.

  • Anne

    There’s was no reason to drive by his house and put him down. Here it is… Trump is an asshole.. right now we need that for people that think they have the right to do something. Work for goodness sake. Give your self a reason to bitch. Don’t antagonize someone unless you’re ready for the out come.

  • Fuck this bitch

    She lives in Vancouver, Washington, on NE 43rd Way. Her approximate house number is 550x (the x representing an odd number). Someone pay her a visit.

  • jay

    cop should of shot her

  • mick
  • JIM

    I’m going to express my 1st amendment rights freedom of speech and tell you what a COMPLETE DUMBASS DIMWIT LIBTARD YOU ARE.. TRUMP 2016!!! YA BABY!!



  • Sure hope she gets her mouth washed out with very strong soap before she picks up her child!
    Thanks to officer in blue, for his calm handling of this.
    Hillary, you should be very proud of one of your supporters, and glad that she does not support Trump.

    may the best “man” win.

  • Jesse

    There she goes . I new it was coming out. He’s a racist. She just demonstrated her ignorance!

  • Connie

    What a stupid woman! What a vulgar mouth she has. There you go people that’s what kind of people vote for Hillary Clinton. She’s been brainwashed.

  • Tangela

    She is such a jerk and an idiot to boot. Does she not realize that she tromped all over this man’s first amendment right and then thinks her rights trumps his. If this is what a lib looks like, I’m glad I’m not one.

  • What a dumb bitch… I hope gravity lets go of her. This world would be MUCH better off with out her. Why would you go out of your way to bother him?

  • Dave

    I can’t believe I wasted my time watching any of this video. The woman is a loud mouthed, attention seeking (for her website and ego) moron. She is a typical liberal who thinks she is right because she talks loudly and often. She thinks it is ok to trample the rights of people she does not know just because they don’t agree with her. The democrats in office are there because morons like this woman actually vote. There should be an intelligence test to allow you to vote. What a moron. I feel sorry for her children.

  • JimInSrq

    “back off you fucking racist” “redneck” “expressed my freedom speech 1st amendment rights” “those who know me know this is fucking mild”, “I didn’t think he would get in his car and chase me because I gave him the finger”, “I didn’t start a fight”, “there’s your tax dollars at work”….
    WTH… I don’t care if you’re a Trump or Clinton supported, it doesn’t matter. This woman is clearly off her rocker. She is an instigator and trouble maker. The wasted tax dollars were wasted because of her. The cop displayed extreme restraint, because frankly she deserved to be arrested. Inciting aggression by an act of aggression is aggression. Had she just minded her own business none of this would have happened.
    The guy was wrong for chasing her, clearly, but let’s get real. This psycho bitch was the real problem.
    Last, how the F does she determine that he is racist and a redneck… because he’s a Trump supporter. Clearly she is the bigoted, entitled one in this conversation.
    Holy F’ing Hell, woman, you kiss your kid with that mouth.

  • You Cant fix stupid.

  • This woman is a psycho. She provoked the man in front of his home. Then she was ready to fight the police. She has a big man hater chip on her shoulder. No man in his right mind would go near her. She was making a video for her blog and wanted a good story so she went out of her way to give the bird to a Trump supporter standing in front of his home. He was probably going after her to get her license number in case she came back to do his home and property damage. She panicked and sped up to get away from him so he had to speed up to get her license. Then she denied she yelled at him after actually saying she had yelled a derogatory word along with the finger.

  • Debbie

    lol – she rants at the end about there is your tax payers money….she wasted about 30 minutes of our taxpayers money with her needless rant. I feel sorry for her kid….now all the teachers and her community know the child’s mother has a screw loose..way to go. This will follow him all the way to high school. Great role model too for her children. If I was her neighbor I’d put a hundred Trump signs in his yard until she goes completely crazy and gets hauled away (problem solved). Dublin out lol


    Her argument highlights what is wrong with much of today’s society. She drives down a public road( that judging from her discription of his car, he pays decent taxes to maintain) and from a sign, determines she knows him and his beliefs. I hear from many of my liberal friends how republicans pre judge yet it seems like they are the first to judge without reason. This lady is a prime example. She obviously has some self esteem issues since she felt it necessary to point out she has a large social media following. With the language she uses, the example she sets makes me wonder just what kind of upbringing her child is being raised in. I chuckle when people hear that I’m a Trump supporter. Since we are usually classified as nuckle dragging racists, I guess I should stop attending college where I attend full time with a major and three minors, maintaining a 3.1 GPA( working on getting it back up) while serving on 5 committees as well as working for a non profit in Haiti. I probably should stop working with the Muslim Student assoc as well. So, to those who choose to prejudge, I’m both camps, stop! It solves nothing.

  • Trump supporter

    I really hope this woman reads my message. You and your foul mouth really should be slapped so hard with a ticket for harassing that man. You started it if you didn’t want him to respond then why did you do it. You are a big chicken with your nasty mouth that would not shut up for a minute. You think you can say what you think and no one can respond. You are a Hillary supporter? Well that just says it all. She is a criminal too. Be prepared because you could gave been the wrong neighborhood there has been people killed for less for just driving by. What kind of Mother uses that kind of foul language. You sound like trash. Just listen to yourself. I’m embarrassed just thinking I listened to this. Oh and by the way you really should learn what exactly a Redneck is. If he was a Redneck the police would have been there for other reasons. Just saying. Rollin out on the Trump Train.

  • Ryan

    Did she say her name was Devlin? LMAO We all know what a devlin is right?

  • Roberta Birch

    OMG! God help that child she’s raising. He doesn’t stand a chance on growing up sane.

  • AsnotherWoman’sPerspective

    I’m a woman and completely disagree with her reasoning. Hard to watch…I’m embarrassed for her.

  • Renee Dorsey

    She is likely one of the operatives discussed in the Project Veritas video. She is one of the mentally ill ones that they pay to go out and cause disturbances.

  • Lucas

    Entitled condescending uptight angry white liberal. You know, the kind you see at Starbucks and whole foods…

  • Ricky stephens

    You are goofy fucking whack job


    Hillary for PRISON! Vote for Trump!

  • Cindy

    This woman is exactly what is wrong with this country! Sorry ladies, but you act like a brainless stupid idiot and start talking rougher than most men, then you better get ready to get treated as such as well. She runs her mouth about her freedoms and her rights but has no respect for this man’s Freedoms or rights!!! Well I hope other women are a bit smarter than this and not just running their mouths and voting for Clinton because she is a woman. This woman actually embarrasses me to think we have stupid asses like this running around running their mouth about women’s rights and their freedoms, when honestly she is giving everyone a good reason to think women are all just stupid and do not deserve equal rights. And for God’s sake, she sits there and says to spread this “Injustice” to everyone and for women to stick together and vote for Clinton! Man this empowers women, that is for sure!!!!!! Do the rest of us woman a favor and just go home and shut the hell up! You are an embarrassment.

  • S B

    whaaaa…. 5′ tall 102 # woman who can’t control herself, her mouth, or her finger; this is what you’re teaching your kid? smh Here’s the deal, you swore @ him, he didn’t mess with you – you called him a racist with no foundational evidence & you flipped him off. Did you listen to your rant; you admitted that you slowed down purposefully and simply b/c he had Trump/Pence & Hillary for Prison signs, f’g this & f’g that. Just the facts.
    Of the two candidates running for president…
    Only Hillary Clinton was caught lying to congress.
    Only Hillary Clinton was fired from a job for being unethical.
    Only Hillary Clinton deleted 30 some thousand emails after she was ordered to hand them over to the FBI.
    Only Hillary Clinton had that email server scrubbed by professionals.
    Only Hillary Clinton got the rapist of a young girl off on rape charges, then laughed about it.
    Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about Benghazi.
    Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about her emails.
    Only Hillary Clinton lied about being under sniper fire.
    Only Hillary Clinton lied about lying to the American people.
    Only Hillary Clinton was involved in ” Cash Cow.”
    Only Hillary Clinton has a long list of scandals.
    Only Hillary Clinton nationally belittled her husband’s sexual harassment (and rape) accusers.
    Only Hillary Clinton is a career politician.
    Only Hillary Clinton will not release her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other banks.
    Only Hillary Clinton is tied to Monsanto.
    Only Hillary Clinton was labeled “Extremely careless” about national security by the FBI.
    Only Hillary Clinton said she will raise taxes on the middle class.
    Only Hillary Clinton benefited from the DNC rigging an election !
    Only Hillary Clinton had to return stolen items from the White House.
    Only Hillary Clinton said the Benghazi victims’ parents were lying.
    Only Hillary Clinton wants you to vote for her based on her gender.
    Only Hillary Clinton has no real accomplishments after a lifetime in politics.
    Only Hillary Clinton has never created any jobs.
    Only Hillary Clinton has been investigated by the FBI and found to have put national security at risk.
    Only Hillary Clinton has had two or more movies and several documentaries made about her questionable ethics.
    Only Hillary Clinton was called “Broomstick one” by the SS.
    Only Hillary Clinton made congress and others spend millions and millions of tax dollars having hearings and investigating her to find that she lied, that would not have been spent if she would have simply told the truth in the first place! Fact – all facts!
    Only Hillary Clinton regularly cussed out and belittled her SS detail.
    Only Hillary Clinton, Only Hillary Clinton, Only Hillary Clinton over and over again.
    But you are going to vote for her because….you don’t like Donald Trump? That is insane! Hillary for Prison!…/watch-new-hillary-jail-ad…/

  • Kevin Sparks

    Lady, you’re a fucking idiot. If you go around and think you can flip the bird at someone, with no repercussion just because you’re 5′ tall and 110#, you’re sadly mistaken. Hope you have Obama insurance with a dental plan when someone punches your teeth out. Let me correct that to hopefully when someone punches your teeth out. At least it will be well deserved. (And that officer cut you a good bit of slack, stupid).

  • SH

    Her child needs to be taken away from her. She is filled with hatred.

  • Lauren

    She’s a loser. Damn

  • I wish she would play this video for her children to listen to. They would be so proud of their sick mother. This is typical liberal women of today. They are evil, immoral, irrational, mentally unstable, Godless people, that only care about what they want, and want to force you to accept and conform to what they believe and then shut up. Get used to it. When Hillary is elected, this will become the norm. The cop should have shot her, and said he feared for his life. He would have been justified. It would have been just a piece of trash in the street.

  • Michelle

    Drama queen get over it it’s just a fucking election

  • Zzedd

    She said that she has posted pictures of his house to followers that would take issue with him, that’s harassment.

  • Joe Mudd

    This woman represents 1/2 the nation. How are we supposed to live
    in a world like this, with them.
    Their actual agenda is to ruin everything that America is and was about.
    AND TURN IT INTO WHAT? Communist? Globalist? No matter which it is
    SHE would be among the first to be killed after helping those powers come
    to power. And they have been in power for 8 long years it won’t take much
    more heading in this direction to ruin this nation beyond return.
    If I were married to that woman and my arm was under her pillow, I’d
    chew it off rather than wake her, to get away.

  • Kshaw

    Foul mouthed person.

  • Deborah Woolley


  • C smith

    I honestly think this girl is an asshole. Female Trump supporter!! GO TRUMP!

  • Casey Jo

    Wow! I’m a woman, and she just got on my last nerve! She definitely has some kind of issues.. That’s the problem, a lot of liberals think it’s okay to express how they feel and this and that. As soon as a conservative does, they’re wrong. This is ridiculous.

  • GEG

    This behavior almost has me thinking that this woman’s household needs turned in to Child Protective services. This is not a stable woman.

  • Paige schuman

    You are an idiot lady. So disrespectful and SUCH A RUDE ASS. HE SHOULD HAVE RAN YOUR ASS OF THE ROAD. Trump 2016. HILLARY FOR PRISON.

  • Diana

    This woman is hilariously stupid. She calls him a f***ing racist because he has a Trump sign in his yard. She obviously thinks she is a prima-donna and had to “act” for the camera slinging her hair around. Typical Hillary supporter; if you keep talking you won’t hear what you don’t want to. Find a different route if you don’t like his signs, regardless of you saying you “have” to pass it, I bet you $100 if you Google it, there WILL be a way around it.

  • Glenn Dyson

    The woman is disgusting! I feel sorry for the man she married. Mentally ill in my opinion!

  • Jenness

    Would love to see the pictures he took. Ok watching the video and going to type what I see. 1) You can tell she’s insane and practically tweaking out. 2) She got busted and admits to screaming racist slurs at him and cursing at him. 3) OMG she just admitted that giving the finger to random people her friends would say is ‘nothing’ for her. 4) Cop drops the bomb that she was in a school zone – she is doing this in a school zone which you can’t harass people in a school zone. 5) OMG she wants to rationalize that her awful behavior is OK because she didn’t see any kids, and it’s OK to slow down and scream obscenities at people. 6) hahah she loses her grip on reality and starts to curse & contradicted herself in so many ways. Wow – everyone needs to see this and see how insane these people are. 7) When the policeman states she can’t go after people who have a different political views and that he has cameras at the end – she got angry at the cop and called him a misogynist. Synopsis – OMG – we have to stop these insane women. She’s going to kill someone one day. This lady is clearly in need of medication.

  • Lisa

    What a idiot this wacky btch is. Now did she stop in the front of the house and give this man a finger or did she drive by and give the the finger? And then after she swears she didn’t say anything to this innocent man minding his own business, I say “BULL-SHIT! With that mouth to a Police office, I don’t believe she was just driving her car by his house & gives him the ole finger and drives on & minds her own business nope not her. I believe, she saw that this man was home and she’s already pissed off at the signs and just goes off on him I’d get in the car and chase her down too. Who the he’ll is this women/idiot thinks she is? I’m sorry but in the United State your allow to vote for ever the he’ll you want to and put signs on your property or are they taking this right from us too! That Police officer had more patience that I would have, she wouldn’t even shut up long enough to let him explain to her what the law was. She talked over him the whole time, she needed a ticket and told to shut the he’ll up and let him explain or take her ass in just to pissed her off even more. How disrespectful this big mouth, this should be shown on the news w/o cutting out her true colors in the end and embarrass the he’ll out of her! But, it will be the Police Officers fought in the end! These people today are Crazy! Blue Lives Matter! 😒😕😤😲

  • April

    April Benamati
    You idiot cunt. I know teenagers who got jail time for flipping people off downtown. It is not a RIGHT when it’s considered obscene. Once again a liberal with no idea what the actual law is. Your lucky the man chased you. I would have walked up to your car pulled your 104 pound body through the window and cleaned the street with it. See how tough you are then. Nazi bitch. Glad your son missed what a loser you are. He might commit suicide. You probably still breast feed.
    19 minutes ago•

  • Greg

    She sure is a great role model for her son.

  • Christine Timchack

    this is so sad it is almost funny, she drives by a strangers home, sees him in his yard and flips him off and calls him horrible names. Who does she think SHE IS? suddenly SHE Is afraid? GOOD! Grow up and stop acting like that to strangers, you are lucky that he didn’t shoot you. You have NO IDEA who these people are, and yet you flip them off and scream at them while they are in THEIR OWN YARD? hahaha I am so PROUD of the POLICEMAN for putting HER IN HER PLACE!!! Suddenly she is afraid and scared because “she is a little woman” awwww, she wasn’t so afraid when she drove by strangers homes and flipped them off and screamed obscenities at him. And then finally She does the perfect ending…. she says the “P” word that soooo offended every woman in this Country, they had to dig this information up on Trump whom was having a PRIVATE CONVERSATION with another guy, not meant to be heard by anyone else. But SHE says it out loud for everyone to hear and that isnt a problem??? what a joke. Oh Gosh lets just pray that TRUMP WINS THIS ELECTION!!! and all of these little people can move to Canada. lol

  • Linda

    I feel sorry for her kid. Wow! HE’S learning hate in the worse way.

  • Fran

    Unbelievable ! You provoke a fight and then blame the other party for responding. You’re such an annoying poor excuse for a woman. I’m ashamed to be the same gender as you. Typical mentality of a Hillary supporter. I’ve gotten ridiculed called an idiot and a nazi as well as a racist for supporting Trump and never once not acting cordially or attacked anyone for an opposing view. You’ve got no class and your clearly an emotional bomb waiting to go off. I actually the cop putting you in your place.

  • Joan


  • Joan


  • Dean

    This woman is a hillary supporting cunt. Liberal as they come as dumb as a rock about freedom and the law. Besides arguing with the police who is trying to tell her how to not have someone express their freedoms that she finds offensive because she feels her freedom of speech/action is ok not his. And your foul mouth in a school zone but no kids around so it’s ok?? So I can sell drugs in a school zone since no kids are around. Sorry people like this cunt is disturbing. Oh and if you know me calling her a cunt is mild for me.

  • Annette

    Just like Chihuahuas that annoy the shit out of big dogs, only a moron doesn’t realize if unprovoked you give someone the finger (other than him having a “mean” sign on his property he did absolutely nothing to provoke her) the person on the receiving end of you exercising your rights might not be happy. If she had simply driven on by and done nothing, nothing would have happened. And, unlike all of the videos of “tolerant” Hillary supporters screaming at and/or beating the shit out of Trump supporters, yet again, the Trump supporter didn’t touch her nor even talk to her.

  • Mark

    Supporting crooked Hillary!. Shut your cock holster, wake up and get educated..

  • April

    Lets find and post her name and address so we can share her disgusting video with all her friends (if any), her neighbors, her employer and all her children’s classmates parents so they might all protect themselves from this moronic dolt.

  • Linda

    Feel bad for her son that he has to deal with her psycho behavior. Cop handled it so VERY WELL!! I am happy to help pay his salary. Lady you need to clean up your mouth and your hand gestures!! You have degraded women by your verbal and non verbal actions in this video.

  • Gary

    She is a wack job. She kept changing her story. She started it by giving the finger and yelling obscenities. I would have hailed her in for that but I’m sure the cop did not want to listen to anymore of her BS

  • This woman is an EMBARRASSMENT.

  • kitty

    You started it B. Should of never given him the finger and you need to chill the F out !

  • Theresa

    Lovely. You are not a mother to be proud of, it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on. Whether or not you have the good sense to realize it, you have humiliated yourself nationwide. And Little Ben, when you are punished at school for being aggressive and foul-mouthed please show this video to your teacher. It will explain everything.

  • Sinoi

    Excuse me, so she started it by flipping off an innocent bystander and can’t take it when she’s being held accountable for? First off…flipping off a person is NOT a first amendment right asshole. In NY, a man who flipped a bird was NOT protected by the 1st amendment because what he did was a form of disorderly conduct!

  • Ann Tav

    I am so very very thrilled that a loud foul mouthed bitch, such as yourself, has been put in her place by the majority of Americans who have put Donald Trump in the White House as our next President. Sit back and watch as he proves himself and becomes the best president we have had in years, certainly far better than the last eight years. You will be eating your loud obnoxioux words and I hope you choke a little on them. Maybe that will shut you up for a while! I pity the poor man that has to live with you!

  • Cynthia

    She’s a nitwit! A excellent example of unnecessary hostility from the crazy liberals.

  • rich g

    all of you people are a bunch of low class freaks

  • rich G

    you people are a bunch of Freaks

  • Cynthia

    WWWAAAAHHHHHH, don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. You brought that on yourself. And you’re lucky it was him and not me. Learn who to pick your battles with snowflake before you get hurt.

  • Typical loud mouth liberal that is only concerned with her rights. Shut up idiot. Her rights do apply when it comes to breaking the law. What she done is considered harrassment.

  • Babs

    I’m really confused on this one????? Am I imagining this or was her steering wheel on the wrong (non-US) side of the car? AND she said Dublin (as in Ireland)? My opinion only…..if people keep acting like this the Democrats will never be in control again because we will ALL be voting against them because we are so pissed 😡 Bring It On!

    I love how she couldn’t decide if she slowed down in front of his house or stopped (she kept going back and forth.)

  • Terri

    What an excellent example of our law enforcement!! KUDOS to the officer for remaining calm and articulately explaining the situation. This woman started a *fight*, admittedly stated that she gave a gesture/yelled at the man (though she left that part out about yelling towards the end) and then got upset because the man took her up on her offer to fight?! This is called dishing it out but can’t take it. She provoked and then screams for help?! Trump won – guess she needs to stop driving altogether now, huh?

  • jeffie

    What an idiot.. Shut up

  • NOW, YOU KNOW WHY YOU DON’T WANT A WOMAN AS PRESIDENT!!! Just kidding but this woman is retarded. She flips
    a guy off then when he goes after her she hides behind the police
    saying she has right. She most people have enough sense to
    to know that if you mouth off someone is going to knock you teeth
    out. That’s what she needed.

  • Barb

    Wow, I feel sorry for her son and husband (if she’s married). What a lunatic. She wouldn’t even shut up to let the cop speak. Glad this is on video, the guy in the driveway can potentially use it against her should he pursue her legally.


    She said an IDIOT! Hahahah. “FREEDOM of ACTION?”?! Now the liberals are making up amendments s they go. Hahahah.. you can see she’s a bitch and causes problems. She’s the mother that humiliates her child by her mouth.
    Yes, scumbag, you DID provoke what happened to you. You are NOT a victim. Just stay home and hide your face. You’re a moron.

  • It is illegal to do something that another person finds offensive and she did…In our state a person can be arrested for doing for what she did and she should have been arrested. Very offensive and uncalled for. She was wrong for the way she spoke to the officer.

  • daren

    bet if a guy flipped her off she would find every excuse to have him arrested

  • Michael

    It truly is amazing how libtards think they are the only ones who have rights. They provoke fights and when someone is about to kick their ass, they curl up in the fetal position. “I’m a five foot helpless woman and look at this big bully — he’s picking on me.” No, you stupid bitch, you brazenly harassed this man by giving him the middle finger repeatedly, and you deserve any scare, or even a beatdown, that you get. You SHOULD be scared out of your wits. One day you’ll flip off the wrong man or woman and they’re just simply going to put a bullet through that pathetic liberal skull of yours, and there won’t be one of us who will shed one tear for you. YOU, lady (and I use that word loosely) are the bully, the provocateur, the instigator and you should have to face the full consequences of your narcissism and your shitty attitude. It’s only a matter of time and you will get what you truly deserve…

  • Jim Hodge

    The best is she wanted to do all the talking, and tell the cop what the law is. This is why there is so much hate in this world! Example I am. dolphin fan and dislike the Jets and Patriots. Try and shoot a football fan the finger a a game, and you know it’s on!

  • Stephanie Chirigotis

    What an absolutely hypercritical doooshbag. Nice mouth too. Watch who you f*ck with lady. You might just get exactly what you want. A dirty beating.

  • Penny

    Shit starting BITCH!!

  • Scott

    You can’t fix stupid! Not even with duct tape..

  • That’s a Hillary supporter for ya! You can’t fix stupid

  • Jenny

    Thank you for sharing this! She is a freaking rockstar. So on point with everything that happened to her. And even while being threatened and then talked down to buy a 12-year-old police officer, she still said it sounded smarter than any Trump supporter I have come across personally.

  • Never mind That

    Really!!!? From a finger flip. How good of you Trumpsters to show us HOW the treat EVERYONE that shows us the bird. Harass, harass harass. A good thing she wasn’t a black man. I’m sure the Trump supporter wouldn’t have cared then that he was in a school zone…and would’ve rammed his car into the black guy’s then shoot him? Then drag his limp body by the scruff of its necklace into the bushes to burry…abd all the other trump supporter driving by would have done nothing!!

    • mzaz

      When OVOMIT won, not once but twice there wasn’t one single republican protesting and destroying people’s personal property, destroying their community, beating people, kidnapping a mentally handicapped young man, abused him, beat and forced him to drink out a disgusting filthy toilet telling him to denounce Trump while streaming live on FB. The people on the left need to suck it up. Donald won. GROW UP snowflakes.

  • Arlene

    Good to know….wish my crazy neighbor would stop flipping me off, blowing her horn, or worse yet try to act like she’s going to run me over while I’m out walking on our sidewalk free roadway.

  • Laurie
  • That IDIOT is a huge reason why people are starting to hate the Dems. What a bitch!

  • Brad

    My only question for this woman now is this. How do u like the next potus? I bet she was crying like a baby when Hillary lost that would be worth watching….

  • Mary

    Wonder who this woman is? She said she’s big on social media. She is a complete idiot. I would also like to hear the other side of the story because she probably did more than what she admitted to. I say if your big enough to start something you better be big enough to a: finish it or b: accept the consequences if you can’t.

  • mzaz

    She is an instigator.

  • mzaz

    Stick it up your dupa BITCH. Donald won. Get over it. Put on your big girl panties and grow up. You are a sniveling whinny instigator. He will be our 45th president FRIDAY. If you don’t like it, MOVE. Donald has saved thousands of jobs from being shipped to Mexico. 50 thousand new jobs will be added from Japan. Hitlary is nothing but a criminal who GOT CAUGHT in her emails,telling Americans one thing and in her emails, says something else. She allowed 4 Americans to DIE in Benghazi. Bilked millions from her foundation. Took money from countries who HATE US and oppress women. GOD, what is wrong with you people??? Get over it snowflakes. I am a BASKET OF DEPLORABLE THAT VOTED TRUMP.

  • D. Hopper

    She definitely would have gotten a citation for obscene gesture in Fort Worth. It is not a protected free speech when you do that. Just like cursing in a public area. She should consider herself lucky she didn’t get a ticket. I, a woman, would have given her one. I sucked it up when Obama won each time. The Democrats need to learn grace when losing. It is teaching younger citizens some horrible, disgusting lessons. She is an embarrassment to herself.

  • lynn

    she’ll be the first to call a man and police to come protect her if anyone comes after her with a gun. she’s an embarrassment to women. maybe she could take some manners classes instead of running her mouth like a trashy loser trying to convince everyone shes the victim . I’m going to say her poor kid because she’s probably not married.

  • Amanda

    We need a woman president, but HRC is not the one. Sorry HRC followers.

    • Robert

      we do not NEED a woman president. We do not NEED a black president or a white one or a Man. We NEED a fair and just President. This is the kind of thinking that causes problems. STFU

  • Carmen

    This woman is a prime example of the problem with this country. All i kept hearing was “my rights of freedom of speech” but she forgot about the mans rights Of freedom of speech…his signs. On top of that, we all have the right to vote. Some will win and some will lose in an election. I find it shameful that some people residing in this country feel that they have to act in this manner to make a point. What an embarrassment to the rest of us Americans. This woman showed no respect to this officer. I felt that he handled himself very tatactfully dispite this woman yelling at him. Lady, you are an utter disgrace to the rest of us Americans and this country.

  • Paris

    This woman is exactly what is wrong with society and one reason why Trump won. Think about it, do we want a woman or women running any position who acts like this? No.. this girl needs to know the language she is using is like a ho from the street, but maybe they talk better. We owe her nothing, she agitated this situation by giving the finger. I would of pressed charges. She is a complete piece of trash. Put your efforts where they belong. If yu are not working, go get your kid at school and be a mother instead of a monster.

  • JT

    Poor freaking “Ben” who has a Psycho, male hating, drunk with freedom mother like this. She is obviously divorced and void of any personal fulfillment or male companionship. Poor, poor Ben.

  • Mike

    Boo boo boo hoo Ben boo hoo booo hoo oh poor me poor Ben ( why do I care about your kids name) boo hoo for Ben and boo hoo for you keep the tears coming I love my gun lube.

  • Mike

    Question I have where in the USA are cars right hand drive. Notice that her car is exactly that.

  • Dumb bitch clearly has no idea of the law… she has no clue as to what constitutes “Common Assault”, and she is utterly clueless as to the concept of the first amendment… the Constitutional Amendments that make up the bill of rights are protections against abuses by the government… not each other… call the government names and they can’t do anything about it… call me names and I’ll punch you in the face… first amendment doesn’t protect you from that…
    She clearly needs to understand that actions, and words, have consequences.

  • Greg

    She said she was on her way to pick up her kid. My first question would be where did she find a man to sleep with her??

  • BigLloyd

    This lady needed to go to jail. She would benefit from a slap.

  • Her poor husband if she is still married.

  • bob

    fucking stupid bitch, she thinks showing a finger is 1st amendment

  • Mk

    Poor Ben.. 😔😖😤

  • Robert

    The scarry part is she is not alone 🙁

  • Tony Owens

    Well open your filthy mouth and you reap what you sow. She obviously edited her video.

  • SexyShort

    WOW! She’s one angry lady!
    Provoke someone and that’s what happens lady.
    I’m shorter and smarter than you because I know in this
    crazy world, crazy people like you, have killed over someone
    giving them the finger.
    Hilliary lost!
    Move on!
    P.S. You kiss your son with that filthy mouth?

  • Erin

    Why did she put this on social media, when the only thing it proves is she is ignorant!
    She is the one who started the issue ,
    The officer was professional and respectable.
    Definitely, she has a few screws lose

  • Andrew

    lmao 5 foot tall 10 foot mouth

  • William Michael Stone

    Another Moron in Motion.

    • Anna Marie Leopardi


      • Steve Von Wald

        And to think someone is married to that !!!! ?????? You know who wears the pants in this family

  • code 6

    Where did this happen?

  • Think

    Where is this woman’s site that she is so proud of? Her last name is Dublin. Perhaps we would all like to give her a small protest of our own on her site.

  • Rosanne Andrews

    IF SHE IS SO PROUD OF HERSELF and her BIG MOUTH Take off the glasses MISS I HAVE RIGHTS to FLIP someone off and give the POLICE much banter while making a complete ass out of herself. You have to love HILLARYS PEACEFULL followers hahahaahahahhahahahahahaahah

    • marypoppins

      She acts more like a crazy person.The DSS needs to take that little boy.Hard telling what she is teaching him.Kids are probably picking at him because of his mother’s nasty mouth.

  • Arturo Campos

    What a psycho. I thought illegal immigration was bad, but Liberals are just as worst.

  • Annette Laughter

    Heads up Ben, the word of the day is MOTHERFUCKER.. ..lets use it in a sentence. You’re mother is a crazy MOTHERFUCKER.
    Btw mam, we heard you the first time you said something, you’re entire rant was virtually the same statements over & over & over.

    • syd4rod

      That poor kid

  • TexasConservative

    That bitch is so nasty her vibrator resigned! Get a refund on charm school lady! What class, grace and elegance. Welcome to America…

  • SconsinPatriot

    Some excuse for a mother. Hate to see her kid when he’s voting age. I commend the officer for not losing his temper. ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! You don’t want someone chasing you, don’t give them the finger and yell foul language at them…that tends to tick people off. Liberals have no common sense.

  • Lamme Branne

    She says she is 5′ tall, 102 lbs, like nobody is supposed to touch her because of that so she thinks she can run her mouth and flip off anybody she wants. Someday, somebody will deck her with a mouth like that.

    • Cat_Tales

      Most likely her son Ben ha ha! I see it coming right now as she is teaching him meanness & madness as in crazy! Also she went from 102 pounds in her rant to 104 with the officer; plus she slowed, then she stopped, slowed, stopped in front of the Trump supporter’s house, just kept incriminating herself the more she blathered on.

  • Evermoon

    I can’t believe this crazy idiot. She provokes someone, then blames them. I won’t blame it on a political party … she is responsible for her own actions.She doesn’t understand logic and doesn’t seem to have one shred of common sense. Apparently only her right to free speech matters, once your opinion differs from her’s you have no rights in her eyes.

  • RedHoffman

    Now this is a great example why there will NEVER be a woman President. They get too fucking emotional. I wish the cop would have arrested her for the vulgar way she gave the cop the finger…several times. Cunt.

  • Buster Nutt

    Would love to know this cunts name. She needs to be trolled. Relentlessly.

    • Independent Thinker

      tara dublin. taraobamadublin on twitter and

      • Deb Calander

        Not there anymore

      • Harry Johnson

        looks like she is not in Oregon any more.
        5503 NE 43rd Way
        Vancouver, WA 98661-8314

        last OR addy
        2600 T St #16
        Vancouver, WA 98661-3761

        • So she quit her job as a reporter to work at a bar? Sounds like someone moved down a few stations in life.

      • When people call women like this nasty they aren’t being belittling. This woman WAS nasty.

    • He-man Henry

      She’s a real winner! See her liberal life here:

  • Cat_Tales

    Her name is Tara Dublin and she had been harassing Jeremy Luciano at his home in Vancouver, WA for months. He has footage of her parking her car in front of his home, getting out and flipping the finger to him numerous times and so he finally followed her to get her plates and call the police to intervene with her constant harassment. Check the detail her with his security camera photos:
    Also he has a gofundme account to help him pay his legal fees she has caused him to rack up to stop her further harassment. What a witch and yes a post below if very accurate. This is the reason a Liberal woman will never be President of the USA with this as an example of their Liberal mentality.

  • goddess1012

    She is right about one thing. Women will stop this. That is, stop stupid, angry, vindictive, hateful bitches like her. What a cunt.

  • Forrest Cook

    I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall in HER home when Killary lost.

  • Deborah Kumle

    Another Liberal idiot who has nothing better to do.

  • Dennise Barragan

    I will not share this stupidity. Silently protest to yourself, don’t make a public spectacle of yourself in order to get your point across. I do not agree with anything that you said or did. Before you say I am a this or that supporter, I don’t support stupidity and this was for sure just that.

  • ladykatie25

    This video just shows and proves how stupid she is. The officer didn’t say she wasn’t allowed to drive by his house! He said not to be using obscene gestures when she does. Hillary supporters are so stupid, it’s scary!

  • Matthew Schlosser

    WOW!! ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!! This idiot started a fight, and then tried to blame the home owner!!! I’m totally speechless,,,,,

  • Zxer91

    What a pschotic-bitch! These are exactly the kind of unhinged people I see at Trump protests. God I feel sorry for “Ben”.

  • William Later

    She went on this rant before the election. I wonder how she feels today after the inaugural

  • xmarlboromanx

    LMAO What a nut!! So she’s okay to do whatever but he’s not? Double standard…

  • ladyalice11

    What a foul mouthed disgrace for a woman, mother, wife, citizen! Yikes! Spare us from this motor-mouth!

  • Linda Rolett Roberson

    I would loved to have seen her face on election day.This foul mouth whiny person is probably spending her weekends carrying signs and wearing a pink hat.

  • Skyfox Roberto

    She is totally out of control and she does not even realize that she started the entire confrontation without saying a word. Like i always keep saying, if you don’t like Trump don’t try to show it to those who like Trump. You are only starting something that you yourself will not be able to control once it gets out of hands, and for what? To prove that you are angry with the outcome of the Presidency? She is stupid and ignorants at the same time. She’s is lucky she did not get hurt. This BS has to stop. I see turbulence happening in the future thanks to these liberals who just don’t get it.

  • Marilyn

    I feel sorry for any man stuck with this loud-mouth and any child that has to be in her home. She is crazy. Someone needs to duct tape her mouth SHUT.

  • Kareem O’Wheat

    So what makes him a racist?
    This dumb tool is a typical sore loser snowflake.

  • Keith Rowley

    Not fit to raise dogs let alone children.

  • richard black

    this loony needs a safe place and a kitty…….before she loses some teeth !!!

  • Jon Duttweiler

    Wow, she doesn’t get that she incited the whole episode. “I did not think…” she should have stopped there.

  • Richard Kilgore

    Another Lib with a mouth

  • AImsters

    She is angry.She is unemployed and has a kid she wishes she didn’t have. Angry loud mouth welfare recipient where all of outr tax dollars are going to support . People like her.

  • Beth Reid

    Wow, I hope she doesn’t pull this kind of crap in front of her kid…nice example to set, lady, and I use that term very loosely! but somewhat typical of your bleeding heart liberal, nazi-feminist female.

  • Linda Lanoue

    First thing is you can say anything but your nasty mouth needs to be busted and you asked for it so suck up B—- and next time you may meet a woman and she will bat your a- beat .

  • Starr Lynn Birx

    She is an embarrassment to women!

  • TellItLikeItIs

    So, this happened in Obama’s America before the election. LOL!
    I feel sorry for her son. Wonder if she forces him to wear a dress?

  • bobaganoosh

    Shes absolutely correct, on one thing. Giving a person the finger is protected speech. That being said giving someone the finger often times antagonizes a person and gets an angry response. So if you value your right to free speech, you need to value a persons right to form their own opinion that may not agree with yours.

  • Harry Johnson

    Hey isn’t this the same lady that went nutz in a store because they had a Confederate battle flag on the wall??

  • Edward Simons

    I am tired of reading/watching these idiots cry about their rights. Yes, you have a right to express your opinion but, there are consequenses for doing that. If you want to use your 1st amendment then be prepared to pay the price. People who don’t agree with you have rights also.

  • BACompton
  • Who is this woman? Anyone have a name?

  • Sherry

    I didn’t watch the whole thing mostly because of the classy language.
    1st he has a right to express his opinions as you do and can put what ever he wants on his property as long as it’s not against the law.
    2nd are you out of your mind flipping off a total stranger with all the nut cases in the world. Your lucky he just chased you down he could have had a gun and left your child without a mother. You try to come off smart but you acted stupid