ABC Admits They Pushed ‘Fake News’ About The Trump Administration Because It Was Worth It

The left-wing media has been hit with accusations from President Trump and conservatives alike for peddling fake news. They have countered that with excuses and demonization of the right, arguing that they are just afraid of the truth. It’s been an ongoing battle for over a year now. But the latest in this saga has taken a new path. ABC news is now admitting that yes, they peddled fake news, but it’s ok because it was for a good cause.

The media is content to lie to you as long as it pushes their narrative. Great.

The article in question is seriously headlined, “A fake news story helps expose a real crisis.” Think about that for a moment.

The author starts by admitting a recent news story about the Trump administration losing migrant children was completely false:

“The Trump administration last year “lost” nearly 1,500 migrant children whom a government agency placed with U.S. sponsors.

“Shocking news, but it wasn’t true.

“But it was enough to outrage politicians, stir up journalists and make the public ask questions. Chasing this misleading story, however, helped uncover a story that many found even more troubling. And this one was real.”

But peddling this lie was ok, according to the author, because it pushed another left-wing narrative:

“But all the digging had uncovered a separate issue that had also been reported, but had not yet captured the nation’s full attention: the Trump administration’s practice of separating migrant children from their parents at the southern border, which accelerated under the “zero-tolerance” policy announced in April.”

But as MRCTV points out, this article is just plain full of it:

“Pearle doesn’t point out, of course, that the Obama administration also had a policy of temporarily separating families at the border (a fact MSNBC finally and begrudgingly admitted after weeks of slamming Trump), albeit to a lesser extent given the administration’s policy of simply releasing illegal aliens into the country without so much as a slap on the wrist. In fact, the policy of family separation was first launched after the Obama administration was sued for holding migrant children in detention facilities with their parents for extended periods of time – a court case that ended when the Ninth Circuit ruled these kids couldn’t be held for more than 20 days.

“When the Trump administration reversed the previous policy of simply letting illegal alien families go free, that Obama-era court decision resulted in temporary family separations.

“But never mind all that, because ABC has an agenda to push – one that apparently includes openly justifying the media’s peddling of fake news in order to achieve a larger goal of spreading…still more fake news.”