Actor John O’Hurley: ‘I Believe’ in Trump

Seinfeld actor John O’Hurley recently talked about his career and the election of President Donald Trump. O’Hurley is a former Family Feud host and currently starring in the romantic comedy ‘Swing Away,’ where he plays an “overzealous American capitalist” inspired by Trump.

“I’ve known Donald for a long time,” O’Hurley told Fox 411 in a recent interview, adding that he’s excited to see someone with business experience become president.

I’m always a fan of giving a businessman a chance to thin the herd in government because we have this slow growth and our government is just getting too big, to be efficient anymore,” he said. “I want the idea of somebody going in there with a pickax and just chipping it apart.”

“God bless [Trump] for what his challenges are and the resistance that is up against him right now,” O’Hurley added. “I believe in him, I believe in what he’s doing and I wish him the best.”

O’Hurley also believes his political stance is not any more important just because of his celebrity status.

“I always say, whenever I speak politically or speak my political views, I say just because I’m a celebrity, does not mean my opinion deserves to be celebrated. I am just another bozo on the bus,” the 62-year-old star said.