Alyssa Milano is a HYPOCRITE – She Hasn’t Paid HER Taxes Either

Hollywood snowflake and loud liberal Alyssa Milano is good at stirring the pot of social media drama. She wants to be nice to ISIS on Twitter which started a large feud in itself.

Milano was quite the mouthpiece in trying to force President Trump to release his tax returns too.

But that is backfiring in her face, as she hasn’t paid her taxes and stiffed former employees. As far ans anyone knows Trump has, and he pays more than is needed.

Milano is claiming that her tax delinquency is due to a her former business manager that failed to pay taxes and make mortgage payments.

It’s absurd that she didn’t know her taxes weren’t paid and that her mortgage was not getting paid either. But yet, she’s complaining that President Trump hasn’t released his tax returns yet?

(H/T Red White Right)