Anderson Cooper Slapped With Defamation Suit For False Reporting

President Trump has long-since called CNN ‘Fake News. But now they are finally having to answer for the dirt they have been slinging.

The network’s Anderson Cooper is now in the midst of a lawsuit over defamation.

The person pressing the charge is Dr. Michael Black, a heart surgeon in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Black is accusing Cooper’s show, Anderson Cooper 360, of knowingly embellishing headlines to get higher ratings from stories that have false evidence.

According to Black’s attorney:

“CNN recklessly — and repeatedly — ignored information demonstrating the absolute falsity of their claims about Dr. Black and the surgical program he led, and deliberately manipulated statistics to fit their predetermined conclusion about the quality of care provided by Dr. Black and St. Mary’s.”

Anderson and his legal team have tried to get the case thrown out. But the judge turned down that request because Black has enough evidence that makes it plausible for CNN to be sensationalizing just to get better ratings.

So get ready for a hefty lawsuit, CNN.