Anti-Trump Protesters March Into The WRONG Pub Filled With Marines

Anti-Trump protesters thought it would be a good idea to march along a route that led them into a path of pro-Trump Marines participating in a bar crawl.

That’s when the police had to step in and create a human barrier between the 2 sides. Trump supporters were chanting “U.S.A.” while the protesters were screaming and throwing obscene gestures.

Trump supporters having dinner in Ybor City shouted “go Trump” at the protesters. They think their marches are a waste of time and that people who voted for Hillary Clinton need to get over it and move on.

“I think they don’t really know the issues,” Johnny Gomes said. “I think that they are misinformed they followed, sorry, but the regular media and don’t know the real story.”

Catch the video below.

Mr. Gomes was totally right. But the liberal protesters don’t know to not mess with a Marine either.