Antifa Has Officially Become A Heavily Armed Militia

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This ANTIFA movement has done enough harm.

Police in Kansas City discovered that ANTIFA members have been stock piling weapons. Not just any small arms though. These are semiautomatic rifles and they have plenty of ammunition.

But groups in Kansas City go beyond just the radicals of ANTIFA. The Kansas City Revolution Collective, Serve the People, Progressive Youth Organization and ACT for America also have recently stormed the city.

The the group at the top of the radicals is the Far Watch Left. They claim the:

“pacifist nature and indifference that characterizes much of the resistance to Trumpite fascism,” and states that “a more militant resistance is emerging, one that we wholeheartedly support and seek to enrich.” The group calls for “every communist” to “take self-defense seriously.”

But the Kansas City Police ordered a disarmament of the group at a protest. The Antifa radicals gave up their unnecessary weapons, but complained that police were violating their Second Amendment rights. But those police officers followed the city ordinance to the letter. The thugs can have the weapons, but the ammunition can not be present. The city also does not allow open carry unless there is a concealed-carry permit with the holder.

These thugs are getting more powerful. But this was a setback in their plan and a setback in their ammo stock pile. The ANTIFA movement must be shut down now.

Catch the disarmament happen here.