After Bashing Trump For Months, Univision Gets The Hammer Dropped On Them


Verizon has decided to pull the Spanish-language broadcaster Univision from its Fios and mobile services due to their drastic raise in charging Verizon and their decrease in appeal to viewers, reports Variety.  Univision has been known to not be bipartisan in their coverage of politics, and especially when it comes to Trump, have been continuously bashing him over his relief efforts for Puerto Rico.

Verizon’s has said about the situation that  “Univision​ ​is​ ​proposing​ ​an increase of more than double what they charge for access to their channels today. In addition to the unfortunate timing of this excessive price increase, we believe the appeal for Univision’s programming is waning given their reported declining​ ​viewership.”

Univision has said that they were completely surprised by this decision and apparently there has been efforts to extend the current agreement  Univision has with Verizon.

“‘In light of recent natural disasters and current events impacting the Hispanic community, we are surprised and deeply concerned that Verizon would remove us from its systems – and without warning to its customers,’ Univision said in their statement.”

Verizon has said that they remain “committed to providing a wide variety of great Spanish-language entertainment options to our customers” but will not be supporting Univision on their network.

This isn’t the only cable provider that has abandoned Univision either. Charter Communications has had similar disputes earlier this year, and AT&T wrangled with them as well last year, which created a brief period when AT&T did not provide Univision.

This is good news for the Trump administration since Univision seems to be on a campaign to support anyone who has an agenda against Trump and his administration.  For instance, Univision had San Juan’s Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz on to further say that Trump is killing Puerto Rico by not helping enough.

The host, Jorge Ramos, who interviewed Cruz seems to give preferential treatment to politicians who advocate for the island’s independence and invites people like Cruz and Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) on to their show to only bash Trump.

Cruz in her interview, uses partisan language immensely and has advocated for the Independence of Puerto Rico from the U.S. by using this language.

“What we expect from the American nation that we know through her generosity, the amiability and solidarity of her citizens is that the head, who represents that nation before the world, express the values of that nation,’ reports News Busters.

Cruz during the interview also had a flag for the Puerto Rican revolution hanging behind her and with her partisan language, Univision is supporting this view and normalizing a movement that isn’t supported by all in Puerto Rico.

“‘Recall that it wasn’t that long ago that Gov. Ricardo Rosselló had to chide Ramos for misrepresenting Puerto Rico’s independence movement as somehow having widespread support, despite never exceeding single digits in any referendum,’ reports News Busters.”

Again, this is another case of liberal media getting out of hand and supporting false statement that are only used to demean President Trump and his administration. At least Verizon had some sense to stop them.