It Has BEGUN: Top Trump Ally Pushes For Jim Acosta To Be Stripped Of His Press Credentials

President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager is calling for CNN’s Jim Acosta to be stripped of his press credentials after the CNN White House correspondent questioned Trump during the White House Easter egg roll on Sunday, reports The Hill.

Brad Parscale first shared an article from The Daily Caller where there is a video of Acosta yelling at Trump to answer his question about DACA while Trump is coloring with kids at the roll. Parscale is the first to suggest the idea and probably won’t be the last either.

“Should the DACA kids worry?” Acosta asked the president, referring to immigrants who came to the country illegally as children and are protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“The Democrats have really let them down,“ Trump responded. “They really let them down. It’s a shame. A lot of people have taken advantage of DACA. It’s a shame.”

Acosta then pressed Trump, asking, “Didn’t you kill DACA?”

Trump, who rescinded DACA in September, tweeted on Sunday that there would be “no more DACA deal.” He did not respond to Acosta’s follow-up question.

Acosta later responded to Parscale’s comment in a tweet.

“Just doing my job,” Acosta tweeted. “Which is protected by the First Amendment of The Constitution. You might want to give it a read.”

Many other conservative outlets took the time to criticise Acosta for his unnecessary outburst and attack on the president at an inappropriate time, while he was surrounded by children. But the White House and Trump has given it right back to Acosta as well.

Acosta has in the past butted heads with Trump and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Trump has been highly critical of CNN’s coverage of his presidency, often referring to the network as “Fake News CNN.” Earlier this year, Trump labeled the network’s correspondent “Crazy Jim Acosta” in a tweet.