Benghazi Survivor Reveals Shocking Plan For Special Forces If Hillary Elected

According to former CIA operative and Benghazi John “Tig” Tiegen, members of the Special Forces will leave in droves if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

Tiegen was on the ground when Hillary Clinton was responsible for the disaster in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Teigen said in an interview with the Daily Caller that incident alone has already caused a number of the most elite special operations forces to leave.

“There’s guys leaving now just because of that,” Tiegen told TheDCNF in an exclusive Facebook Live video interview Tuesday. “Cause they don’t know if the call for help is going to be heard.”

Tiegen explained that there will always be operators who have a desire to serve, but the “downgrading” of the Obama administration in foreign hot spots has sowed doubt among the military and special operations community.

“If you ask for help, or you need your help, you expect the military to come help you, one way or another,” said Tiegen, noting another similar situation to his own in Benghazi occurred in Afghanistan a year later, this time with a group of stranded Marines surrounded by enemy forces. He claimed President Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw troops from the country left the Marines without a lifeline. Tiegen believes similar situations are likely to happen under a Clinton presidency.

Tiegen claims that the disastrous policies of Clinton and Obama have led to major vulnerabilities to terrorism in the homeland.