Charlie Daniels: Enough With The PC Garbage When It Comes To Radical Islam

Charlie Daniels has something to say about the recent terror attacks. And he is sick to death at how the media is portraying terrorism and radical Islam.

The most recent bombing in Manchester, England was the last straw for Daniels. He believes there are 2 options for us. Here is what he says:

The first is to sit back in politically correct denial, telling the world how wonderful and peaceful the Islamic religion is and that taking the steps to track down and destroy the fringe element would be too traumatic to the innocent majority.

Well I say a resounding BS! What about the trauma these vermin are causing the innocent majority of the world? How about the parents of the eight-year-old girl who was slaughtered by this demonic act of evil last week? How about the innocents who will spend months in hospitals and rehab centers just to get their lives back?

It seems that to have an increased police presence in Islamic neighborhoods and the authority to do whatever it takes to clean out the guilty from amongst the innocent would be a small price to pay for the Muslim communities who enjoy the freedoms and opportunities of the nation they live in.

2. Since this is an international problem it will take an international response to adequately deal with it, and I’m not speaking about the impossibility of some “unilateral action” that would involve massive cooperation with nations who don’t like or trust us or some monolithic international police force, just a constantly updated and comprehensive database and an agreement to increase and maintain close surveillance on those known to be a danger.

Everybody loves their children, regardless of politics and ethnicity. Is this asking too much?

Daniels pointed out that the bomb happened at an Ariana Grande concert, which drew tons of young girls that the terrorists knew would be there.

They knew who would be there and cared not a whit that children would be slaughtered and maimed.

Do these people and those who harbor them deserve a special deferment? Is there any other segment of any population that would be treated with kid gloves after such wanton taking of innocent life?

Would the Irish neighborhoods in Boston, the Scandinavian neighborhoods of the Middle West or the African American neighborhoods of New Orleans be given hands off treatment because of offending sensibilities?

Were the Italian neighborhoods off limits in the feds relentless hunt for organized crime figures?

You can’t hunt moles in the ocean, and you can’t hunt sharks on dry land.

I believe that one of the primary reasons for the threatened breakup of the European Union is the organization’s willingness to accept millions of refugees, who refuse to assimilate, disrespect females and go about making their host country the same kind of hell hole they were running from in the first place.

The day will soon come on the European continent – in fact, it may have already arrived – when the immigrant population will wield the majority of political power and certainly the majority of ethnic power as the native population aborts their way into a minority.

Daniels ends with the same options he started with and asks his audience if we are going to do something about terrorism or are we going to let it kill us all.

Finally, someone speaks the truth!