CNN Forced To Admit ‘Hard Truth’ About Trump And Michael Flynn, And It’s Killing Them

CNN the leading network for bashing Trump and providing fake news has just released a story that says no matter what Trump foreign defense advisor Michael Flynn may divulge to the FBI, the Trump family will not be sent to jail for it.

The news organization makes the excellent point that even though Flynn has admitted to lying to the FBI, he has said nothing about collusion with the Russian government and Trump’s administration and we won’t know what he will say until he does.

It is too soon to say, as all of the liberal media would like to pronounce already, that because of this recent admission from Flynn that the Trump family is destined for jail.

Most liberal media is arguing that if what Flynn has admitted being true then it is conceivable that Trump himself or a senior member of his team, like Jared Kushner, told Flynn to make contact with the Russians before Trump was sworn in as President.

This action would be in violation of the Logan Act, which is an old law that states it is a crime for anyone to negotiate with a foreign government in connection with a dispute relating to the U.S. unless they have the official authority to do so.

In this case, Flynn was acting as the national security advisor before he was sworn in as such which isn’t exactly illegal but not what has been done by past administrations.  Now the cover-up may have been worse than the crime.

CNN may believe that others either with the Trump administration or campaign will be charged by the special counsel by the end of the year, but do not think the President will be indicted.

“There is a debate among constitutional scholars about whether a sitting President can even be indicted, and the logistics of actually prosecuting a President while in office makes it unlikely it will happen,” reports CNN. “Even if Mueller were willing to go after the President, Trump may be able to simply pardon himself and avoid prosecution.”

It has also been talked about whether Jared Kushner and Donal Trump Jr. could be charged, but CNN is confident that President Trump would not allow that to happen either, especially since the President has pardoning power.

When it comes to Flynn, however, pardoning him is not as easy because of the political and legal consequences that would come from pardoning him outweigh whatever sense of loyalty trump felt toward him.

“The only way Flynn’s guilty plea will directly affect Trump or his immediate family is if Congress decides that enough is enough and moves towards impeachment,” reports CNN.

Having even CNN admit that it is unlikely that Trump will be impeached or anything bad happens to his family because of Flynn’s admission is an even surer sign that President Trump is going nowhere.