CNN’s April Ryan Pushes Such A Huge Lie About Trump, She Gets Fact-Checked By Her Employer

White House Correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks and CNN analyst April Ryan was taken to task this week by one of her employers, CNN. Ryan claimed that President Trump was booed on the South Lawn while delivering remarks during his celebration of America, which was held in lieu of the Philadelphia Eagles ceremony, which was canceled.

In a now-deleted tweet, Ryan said, “Breaking: Reporters on the South Lawn have confirmed the @realDonaldTrump was heckled and booed when he came out to celebrate America.”

This was completely false. There was a heckler who shouted at the president. And HE was booed for doing so. This lie was so egregious, even CNN White House Producer Noah Gray called her out:

This embarrassing correction caused Ryan to delete her tweet and issue this correction:

But the damage was already done. This is a common tactic of the liberal media. They put out whatever they want then issue a correction long after people have accepted it as truth and moved on. She was rightly called out for it too: