CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gets Called ‘Fake’ Right To His Face On Live TV

One of CNN’s top anchors, Chris Cuomo, finally lost it on live TV and called the White House Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, a liar when he and the rest of the Trump administration talk about the relief effort that is going on in Puerto Rico right now, reports Grabien News.

Mulvaney then gave him a good dose of his own medicine and said that his and CNN’s reporting has been ‘fake’ and not true when reporting on the President and his administrations relief effort.

Cuomo opened the conversation with it appearing as though he was going to ask the Budget Director questions about the budget and how Trump was going to keep his promise to wipe out Puerto Rico’s standing debt, which he promised to do in an interview with Fox News.

But instead he went down a different route first and after struggling to get the graphic of President Trump’s tweet up where he says CNN’s reporting on their efforts in Puerto Rico are fake news, then Cuomo gets around to asking his question.

“What is fake about our reporting about the depth of despair and the need for better relief?” asked Cuomo.

Mulvaney then got right to the point about what CNN has been doing so wrong in their reporting of Puerto Rico:

“‘I think that the frustration that the president and many of us in the administration sort of have on the way that news coverage has handled this, is all you all show is the bad stuff. We spent several hours on the island yesterday afternoon, got a chance for example to get briefs by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the folks working on the electrical grid, all the work that they are doing, on everything that is going right. And by the way, some of the efforts down there are absolutely fantastic,’ said Mulvaney.”

To that, Cuomo struggled to respond but eventually said, “But Mick, that seems so self-serving.”

Mulvaney then gave an example to what CNN hadn’t reported correctly.

“Including this morning, you all put up a statistic this morning that said only seven percent of the island has electricity, and that is absolutely accurate.  But what you don’t report how it’s being done and why it’s being prioritized.  For example what we learned yesterday from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, that the focus is getting power to hospitals, to water filtration and pump houses, nursing homes, old age retirement homes first and it’s not going to businesses and homes first because that is what the priority is.”

Cuomo immediately fired back “But that’s just not true.”

Then the two proceeded to go back and forth with Cuomo calling Mulvaney a liar and that what he just said wasn’t true about the relief effort for Puerto Rico.

After Cuomo was done with his whining session about how wrong Mulvaney and the Trump administration is in their efforts with Puerto Rico, Mulvaney simply responded by saying “Well the good news is that you’re definitely going to do a better job going forward and we appreciate that.”

Way to get him Mulvaney!