CNN’s Cooper Is Hopping Mad After Hannity Splices Up This Embarrassing Clip Of Him On Live TV

Sean Hannity went after fake news reporter and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper Wednesday by comparing him to daytime talk show host Jerry Springer after his interview with ex-porn star Stormy Daniels and explicitly talking about her supposed sexual encounter with Donald Trump, reports The Daily Caller.

Hannity rolled a clip of CNN persistently reporting on adult film star Stormy Daniels and mocked Cooper for asking salacious questions; the kind of questions you would normally hear on the Jerry Springer show.

“CNN Breaking News: Stormy Daniels had breakfast this morning. Now maybe the dramatic collapse of CNN makes more sense when you consider their chief anchor Anderson cooper — he acts more like Jerry Springer than a newscaster,” Hannity said. “Take a look.”

Michelle Malkin, host of “Michelle Malkin Investigates,” was on to comment on Anderson’s ridiculous questioning saying, “is this CNN or PNN?”

“It’s disgusting, and you know what it’s also kind of sad. I think it’s always good to have more and diverse competition in the media marketplace. I’ve always said the answer to speech with which we disagree and news coverage with which we disagree is more and better news coverage, but this is literally sunk into the toilet,” Malkin says. “It’s a rather unhealthy obsession that this once august news network has now succumbed too. I mean Anderson Cooper, think about. This was a guy who was a war correspondent, and I will say something nice about him, I remember and admire when he was exposing Hezbollah’s manipulation of the news and now he’s every bit a propagandist as the propagandist use to expose.”