CNN’s Cuomo Says He’s ‘Secretly Part Of The Problem’ Because He’s TOO FAIR To Trump Officials

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo, a notoriously anti-Trump left-wing ‘journalist’ made some laughable comments during an interview with Late Night host Seth Meyers. In what initially seemed like a moment of honesty, Cuomo admitted that he is part of the problem. But it was not for what you would think. Cuomo said he’s seen as not being fair to liberals because he’s not hard enough on Trump officials.


Cuomo claims that he often gets attacked from the left for giving his platform to White House ap”apologists” and Donald Trump allies. “Look, if I am not doing my job, then don’t watch,” Cuomo complained. “You have great choices on at the same time as me, and if I’m not getting it done, that’s the price of performance. But don’t be closed off to people just because they say what you don’t like. There is value two ways in being tested.”

He then continued to display his obnoxious sense of self-importance claiming the right is focused on stacking the Supreme Court with “young, white, male judges.” He said nothing else matters to the right.

“I’m not judging it, but that’s why as soon as Kavanaugh, if he makes it through, and he is confirmed, Donald Trump’s presidency goes in the history books as being impactful because he will have changed that court,” he claimed.

He also addressed the negativity of the news saying, “My only concern that I have is that you let the negativity consume you, not that there isn’t a good reason for it, but we are going to have elections now. If people come out and vote, then you win. Then people win. If they don’t come out and vote, then they have nothing to complain about.

“Look, I wish I had some kind of high ground,” Cuomo said. “Another thing that I constantly get told, including by my kids, is that I’m part of the problem. I get told that all the time, which secretly I have always believed.”

The arrogance and complete obliviousness of this man is enough to make one physically ill.