CNN’s Don Lemon Says Trump Supporters ‘Steal, Cheat, And Lie To Their Mother’

During the transition between CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” and “CNN Tonight” on Monday, CNN reporter Don Lemon unleashed his fury as he chastised President Trump and his supporters as “people who will lie, steal, and cheat, lie to their mother,” Newsbusters reported.

Lemon’s rant came after the president questioned his intelligence on Friday, liberal journalists called Trump racist because of it, and fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo egged him on.

After letting Lemon call President Trump “the real dummy” between him and LeBron James, Cuomo attempted to boost Lemon’s ego. “Now you often on your show point out material misstatements and lies by the President and his administration and he hates it. So I prepared something for you tonight,” Cuomo said.

The quote was from Vice President Mike Pence’s “Moral Case for Removing the President,” which he wrote in the ‘90s about Bill Clinton. “For the nation to move on, the President must move out,” Cuomo read. “Now he is apparently immune to hypocrisy. But what does that tell you about what you’re up against?”

Lemon proceeded to rip Trump and his supporters. “That was then, this is now. We’re up against tribalism. We’re up against people who will lie, steal, and cheat, lie to their mother, lie to themselves about what’s right of this country, about truth and facts,” he angrily stated.


At this point, Lemon stated that all Trump supporters are willing to get into bed with Trump for lower taxes.

“If they will ignore any misgiving, any terrible misdeed, any awful saying they will just ignore it for their own political purpose. They will ignore the bigotry and the pettiness and the childishness about what Donald Trump said about me and LeBron James and others just because they want to gain some sort of political clout or they want a few more dollars in tax money. At what cost?”

“When this President — when this man was on the campaign trail, we tried with every bone in our being to be objective and report on him in a fair, equitable manner. And then when he became President of the United States, the same thing,” he whined to Cuomo. Of course, that’s not true. This is CNN.