Confidential Document From Anthony Weiner’s Laptop Contains Disturbing Plan For Clinton Opponent

Anthony Weiner

There was a confidential document found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. It revealed that the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden expressed concerns in 2010 that WikiLeaks would release classified U.S. documents related to Sweden ahead of the September 19 Swedish election. These documents would tip the vote towards the Pirate Party.

On June 29, 2010 a US diplomat met with 3 members of the Pirate party, this was described as a “mixture between Communism and Libertarianism.” in May 2017 Swedish authorities again dropped the case against Julian Assange. Zero Hedge explains it as such:

“…his Swedish lawyer Per Samuelsson told Swedish media “It is a total victory for Julian Assange,” adding “He is free to leave the embassy whenever he wants.”

Unfortunately, that’s not going to be quite so easy for the time being – as Assange faces immediate arrest by the UK for skipping bail in his extradition hearing. Moreover, in April of this year, CNN and the Washington Post simultaneously reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ DOJ has prepared criminal charges against Assange over 2010 leaks of diplomatic cables and military documents.

While the DOJ seems intent on locking Assange up, the WikiLeaks founder has also received tremendous support from certain members of Congress.”

The fact this piece of evidence was found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop is particularly disturbing:

“The emergence of this confidential document (found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and sent while his wife, Huma Abedin, was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff), is disturbing – as it potentially implicates the Obama administration in a conspiracy to silence Julian Assange while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State – not to mention that it could be the smoking gun in yet another clear case of mishandled information found on imprisoned sexual deviant Anthony Weiner’s laptop the FBI’s Peter Strzok and crew must have somehow overlooked.”

The WikiLeaks founder offered information that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia and it would also refute the Russian hacking Theory. This information was taken to Trump’s Chief of Staff with Assange asking for a presidential pardon. When Trump was asked about the interaction he said he had never heard of it. This caused Rohrbacher who brought it to John Kelly in the first place to release on John Kelly for withholding the information from Trump. According to Zero Hedge Rohrbacher told the Daily Caller:

“I think the president’s answer indicates that there is a wall around him that is being created by people who do not want to expose this fraud that there was collusion between our intelligence community and the leaders of the Democratic Party,” Rohrabacher told The Daily Caller Tuesday in a phone interview.

“This would have to be a cooperative effort between his own staff and the leadership in the intelligence communities to try to prevent the president from making the decision as to whether or not he wants to take the steps necessary to expose this horrendous lie that was shoved down the American people’s throats so incredibly earlier this year,” Rohrabacher said.”

Democrats again trying to hide the truth from the public.