After This Creep Wears A Vulgar Anti-Trump Shirt In Restaurant, He’s Dealt An Instant Dose Of Karma

A Texas man who took his wife to a restaurant while wearing a vulgar T-shirt condemning Donald Trump and those who voted for him got what he deserved when he was thrown out of the establishment on Sunday, reports The Daily Caller.

Garland, Texas resident Andy Ternay received a lot of attention when he walked into a restaurant wearing a shirt that said “F*CK TRUMP AND F*CK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM.”

On the back of his shirt, it read, “F*CK THE RACIST ALT RIGHT,” with a hand giving the middle finger.

The Facebook post that Ternay wrote about the incident has now been taking down, probably because it violated Facebook’s policy of common decency but what it did say was that he was eventually ejected at the request of the owners, while he said he received support from some on the restaurant’s staff.

The manager said the language on his shirt was offensive to several patrons in the restaurant and might be seen by children.

“I expressed deep sympathies and let her know that explaining ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ and golden showers to my daughter was equally unpleasant,” he replied.

A nearby table applauded upon his exit. Ternay, meanwhile, wrote that children should be able to handle reading the f-word.

“If your kids can’t handle the word ‘Fuck’ they are going to have a really tough time in this world,” he wrote.

What should be noted about this disgusting person’s actions, who is apparently anti-Trump so he must be a social justice warrior and Hillary Clinton supporter, that there are awful people who express their hatred for the ‘other’ and condemnation for the other candidate that comes from both parties.

Democrats and liberals always like to show how loving and equal they see the world, but not when it comes to Republicans. Not only were those words written on that man’s shirt offensive to Trump supporters or just conservatives in general, but just to normal human beings as well who think you should treat everyone with human decency even if you don’t support their politics.