Democratic Candidate: Trump Is Worse Than Osama Bin Laden

Democratic congressional candidate Dan Helmer compared President Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden in an ad released Wednesday, reports The Daily Caller.

“After 9/11, the greatest threat to our democracy lived in a cave. Today, he lives in the White House,” Helmer said in the ad posted to YouTube.

Pictures of deceased al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and Trump flashed across the screen during the voiceover.

“No one, even the president is above the law,” Helmer continued.

In the ad, he boasts about his time in serving in Afghanistan and how that apparently gives him the authority to talk about the president as if he were the same as one of the deadliest terrorists known in American history.

This isn’t the first time Helmer has run into controversy. The candidate posted a video of himself buying an assault rifle at a gun show “to find out how easy it is to buy” in April.

In the video which he filmed incognito without any of the gun sellers knowing he was doing, he goes into a gun show, talks about guns that he used which were similar to the ones he had in Afghanistan and then proceeds to buy one legally without the need for background checks.

This is the same liberty that is offered any legal citizens in America when they go to a gun show, and Helmer is showing how he would love to take that right away.

Helmer is running against incumbent Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock in Virginia’s 10th district. Comstock “is a rubber stamp for the racist, sexist and xenophobic agenda” of Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, Helmer tweeted in February.