Democrats Caught Red-Handed Trying To Silence Sexual Harassment Victims

Democratic women are getting fed up with their leaders suggesting they should remain silent about recent sexual assault allegations.  Democratic Representative Kathleen Rice of New York walked out of a House Democrats meeting, frustrated with the way they were handling the recent sexual assault allegations.

“Rice said, ‘We spoke very briefly about things that female Democratic members are doing, which I think are all great efforts. But let’s talk about the big elephant in the room, and that’s why I was done with the meeting. I don’t have time for conversations that are not real.’

She added, ‘And I, for one, am not going to stand silent, even in the face of pressure from leadership not to.’

The Democrats are facing a lot of talk about sexual assault allegations.  Democrat Al Franken was most recently accused of inappropriately groping women. The allegations against Franken began with Leeann Tweeden accusing Franken of inappropriately touching her while she was sleeping.  Since then five other women have come forward with similar allegations.

Another Democrat, John Conyers, has also been accused of sexual assault.

Rice discussed her decision to walk out on the meeting in an interview with Anderson Cooper.  She came into the meeting hopeful that the democratic party would be able to have a clear and productive discussion on the recent issue.  However, when she arrived at that meeting, there was no productive discussion.

“I felt that, the morning that we returned back to Washington.  It was a relevant issue to address.  It’s a caucus meeting that we have in the morning where most of the members in the democratic caucus come, and I thought that was a perfect setting to have a real conversation about what we’re going to do as a party, to address what is now becoming an epidemic across the country, and I didn’t feel the conversation we had was sufficient.