Democrats Are Now Using Violent Gangs Against President Trump – Seriously

Anti-Trump activists are pushing to keep MS-13 gang members in the US because they are afraid that deporting these criminals would “breed mistrust in the police.”

The County Sheriff’s Department of Harford County identified at least 4 individuals who were members of MS-13 through their recent efforts to identify residents of their jail as illegal immigrants.

“It’s one year into a controversial immigration program, and Harford County says it’s flagged dozens of people for possible deportation. The sheriff calls it a success, despite concerns from immigration advocates.

The more than 40 people facing possible deportation were flagged by deputies as they came into the county jail.

Harford county correctional deputies are not only scanning arrestees’ criminal backgrounds, but also their immigration status.”

Out of 144 screenings, 40 people were found to be in the country illegally.  While the efforts of the Sheriff’s department have been effective in identifying illegal aliens, some people are criticizing the efforts.

“Neighborhoods where CASA’s director Elizabeth Alex warned that programs like this could breed mistrust in the police.

There’s sort of this extra fear that immigrants will go further into the shadows and not participate,’ Alex said back when the program launched.

Sheriff Sahler says if you don’t break the law, there’s nothing to worry about.

‘As sheriff, I don’t want to return criminals to our community to further victimize the citizens of Harford County,’ he said.”

People like Alex are what is causing our American citizens to be put in harm’s way, with dangerous members of MS-13 roaming the streets.  The efforts by Sheriff Sahler are what is making our country safe again.