Dems Are Ignoring This Issue Poll That Will Probably Guarantee President Trump’s Reelection

President Trump boasts support from swing voters because of a key issue. And Democrats seem to be ignoring addressing it anyway. A New CBS/YouGov poll took a look at competitive congressional districts and found that swing voters believe mass immigration has made things in this country a lot worse. The poll, conducted between May 24 and May 30 showed that nearly half of these likely voters in competitive districts believe mass immigration has changed the way they live their lives for the worse.

Western Journal has the details:

“Overall, 19 percent of respondents said that “immigration and the arrival of new immigrant groups” has changed their communities “a lot,” while 29 percent said immigration has caused “some change” in their neighborhoods.

“Thirty-two percent said there has not been much change, and 19 percent said there has been no change at all.

“Of those who responded affirmatively when asked if they had seen a change, 56 percent said that change has been for the ‘worse,’ while 17 percent said that change has been for the ‘better.’ Twenty-seven percent responded ‘neither.’

“Fifty-eight percent of white respondents who said immigration has changed their communities indicated they did not like these changes, and those sentiments seem to be shared by other ethnic groups as well.

“Forty-five percent of likely black voters and 44 percent of likely Hispanic voters who noticed changes as a result of mass immigration do not like them

“Heading into the 2018 midterms, a majority of voters see immigration as a major issue that congressional candidates need to address.”

Additionally, fifty-one percent of respondents want candidates to talk a lot about immigration.

The Trump Administration has come under fire recently for a zero-tolerance policy that can separate families of illegal aliens. President Trump has said that he is simply enforcing the law on the books and if people don’t like it then they need to work with Congress to change the laws:

He also said that he doesn’t like the policy and would be open to changing it if a bill reached his desk. But until then he is bound to enforce the law:

But if Democrats keep ignoring the fact that most people do notview mass immigration favorably, then they will suffer at the ballot box this November and in 2020 when President Trump is up for reelection. Democrats push policies that ignore federal law without changing it and a big increase in immigrants with little restrictions. And it’s clear that the public is not in favor of such things.