After Dems Failed Again To Prove Collusion, Piers Morgan Reveals Their Next Sinister Plan

In an interview on “Hannity” on Thursday, Piers Morgan reveals a new agenda the left may have formed against President Trump, reports Fox News Insider.

Morgan says that because Democrats failed to provide evidence of a Russian collusion, they are filling the news with allegations surrounding his private life.

“And in relation to the wider Mueller probe, I just think what’s happening here is they tried to get proof on Russian collusion,” Morgan said. “They want to prove to the world that Donald Trump collaborated with Russians to fix the election. That’s why he won. No other reason. Has to be that.”

“And so far, they have singularly failed to establish that,” Morgan continued. “So now they’re moving the goalpost. Now they’re moving to stuff about his private life with allegations involving women going back more than 10-15 years.”

Morgan also defends the President’s alleged actions, saying they are nothing compared to what former President Bill Clinton did with his intern Monica Lewinsky while in office.

“Two things about this, Sean. I don’t think people care about Donald Trump’s sex life,” Morgan states. “I don’t think it’s on the same scale of misdemeanor — even if it happened — to what we saw happen with a Democratic president, Bill Clinton.”

“I don’t think the voters care,” Morgan continued. “I don’t think people are out there going, ‘Wow, can you believe Donald Trump may have had a few flings 10-15 years ago?’ So, to me they’re now going after him purely to embarrass him, purely to try and diminish him, to degrade him as president. And I think that this is because they’re unable to get the Russia collusion lie to stick.”

During his interview on “Hannity,” Morgan also touches on James Comey’s firing, justifying the President’s decision to terminate him.

“I find it extraordinary that James Comey, a former boss of the FBI, is able to write a tell all book right in the middle of the Mueller investigation,” Morgan says. “This wouldn’t happen in many other countries, Sean.”

“You wouldn’t be allowed to do this, peddling all sorts of lurid and ridiculous details to the world, and it makes me think Donald Trump fired him because he didn’t trust him,” Morgan continues. “He was right, wasn’t he? When you read the stuff that’s pouring out of his book, Donald Trump was absolutely right not to trust James Comey.”