While Dems Insist DACA Protects Victims, Look What 2 Dreamers’ Just Got Caught Doing

Another case of DACA recipients breaking the law has been hidden from the main stream media, because the liberals would rather you didn’t know about it.  Two illegal immigrant “DREAMers” were caught smuggling illegal immigrants in separate incident in Texas, reports The Washington Times.

This comes at the same time when Congress is deciding what to do with the DREAMer Act that President Trump suspended for six months until Congress proposes a new bill.

These arrests could complicate that picture that President Obama and the liberal media has painted of law-abiding illegal immigrants who have worked hard to get where they are.  When in reality there are criminals in this country who have been able to stay here and do their crimes because of the DREAM Act.

“‘Customs and Border Protection said the first smuggling attempt was broken up on Oct. 4, after Border Patrol agents stopped a car at a checkpoint on Interstate 35 and discovered two illegal immigrants from Brazil hiding in the trunk,’ reports the Washington Times.”

The driver of the car was from Guatemala, and was approved for a DACA permit in 2016 that the Obama administration allowed.  Three days later, at the same checkpoint another DACA recipient was caught trying to smuggle another illegal immigrant from Mexico in his trunk.

All of the DACA recipients and the illegal aliens they were smuggling have been processed and are in the process of being deported.

To qualify for the DACA program, an illegal immigrant must prove that they were brought to the U.S. by their parents and that they have a clean record.  Helping illegal immigrants across the border is in clear violation of the DACA agreement, as is any other serious crimes of violence.

“‘As of this summer, some 2,139 Dreamers had their DACA status revoked, out of nearly 800,000 people who had been approved for the program — an incredibly low rate of about a quarter of 1 percent,’ reports the Washington Times.”

President Trump has announced a six-month phaseout plan, in which current recipients under the DACA program are still protected and allowed to stay in the U.S. for the rest of their permits, which is up to two years.

Trump has passed the bill off to Congress, entrusting in them that they will produce a better bill in the six-months than what was allowed under the Obama administration, and to hopefully keep criminals like the ones smuggling more immigrants across the border out of the U.S.

Democrats and some Republicans are pushing for a bill soon that would eventually lead the illegal aliens to a full citizenship, while Trump and other Republicans do not necessarily want full citizenship, but do want to see stiffer enforcement measures for the DACA program.