Desperate To Register Voters, Democrats Turn To – Therapy Dogs?

Therapy dogs greeted students returning to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus this summer. Those lured by the chance to pet some cute puppies were then asked to register to vote — a “Pups to the Polls” gimmick that was just one of several similar events being staged by the liberal group NextGen America, Bloomberg reported.

“Young people tend to vote for Democrats, but they also tend stay away during midterm elections. It’s a perennial frustration for the party — one they are trying to overcome as they seek to take control of Congress.

“NextGen America, formed by billionaire activist Tom Steyer, hopes to be a game changer. Steyer is investing more than $30 million in what’s believed to be the largest voter engagement effort of its kind in U.S. history.”

Yes, you read that correctly, $30 million.

NextGen sees young voters such as student Kellen Sharp as key voters for flipping targeted seats from red to blue.

“The outcome of this election definitely affects us,” said Sharp, an 18-year-old freshman from Milwaukee who stopped to register during the dog event the week before classes started. “I’m just excited to have a voice and say something.”

“We want them to know they need to show up and when they do, we will win,” said NextGen’s Wisconsin director George Olufosoye. “We want them to know they have power.”

Apparently, dogs are needed to get young people to vote. The next generation scares me.