Disgraced Former FBI Official Andrew McCabe Gives The Most Insane Reason For Lying Under Oath

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is suing the Department of Justice for what he believes was an unfair termination. And internal probe ruled that he lied under oath on three separate occasions about unauthorized leaks to the media. The Office of Professional Responsibility recommended that Attorney General Jeff Sessions fire McCabe, so he did.

But now McCabe has given the most bizarre reason for why he lied under oath, which he practically admits that he did. Conservative Review breaks it down:

“McCabe has denied any intentional wrongdoing. Instead, he said, any lapses in his memory or mistakes in his interviews with the IG and others were mistakes derived from the chaos inside the FBI under siege from Trump and his allies.”

Translation: Andy McCabe lied under oath and attempted to destroy the careers of his colleagues, and now he’s blaming Trump.

Yea, good luck with that defense in court.