DOJ Reveals America’s Worst Nightmare On Fired Anti-Trump Mueller Aide

A fired aid to special counsel Robert Mueller has been discovered by Fox News to be a key player behind the Clinton email probe and was removed from Mueller’s staff after a leaked anti-Trump texted was exchanged with a colleague.

Peter Strzok was the former deputy director for counterintelligence at the FBI after Mueller removed him from his staff.  A source close to the Clinton email probe matter said that Strzok’s role in the probe is now under investigation, as well as a number of other politically sensitive cases and should be completed early next year.

This is just another example of conflicts of interest entering investigations about the Hillary Clinton’s private email server or the Russian collusion investigation against the Trump campaign.

Mainly what will be looked at is the fact that Strzok was a part of the fateful interview with Hillary Clinton on July 2, 2016, just days before James Comey announced his decision not to prosecute Clinton for her private email server.

“‘As deputy FBI director for counterintelligence, Strzok also enjoyed liaisons with various agencies in the intelligence community, including the CIA, then led by Director John Brennan,’ reports Fox news.”

According to Fox news, Strzok has been a person of interest to the House intelligence committee after the bureau received the now infamous anti-Trump “dossier,” which in turn launched the whole counterintelligence investigation into Russian Meddling in the 2016 election.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has sought documents and witnesses from the DOJ and FBI to determine what role if any, the dossier played in the move to place a Trump campaign associate under foreign surveillance.

“‘Strzok himself briefed the committee on Dec. 5, 2016, the sources said, but within months of that session House Intelligence Committee investigators were contacted by an informant suggesting that there was “documentary evidence” that Strzok was purportedly obstructing the House probe into the dossier,’ reports Fox News.”

Now that Nunes is aware of Strzok’s texts, he has directed his staff to draft contempt-of-congress citations against Rosenstein and the new FBI director, Christopher Wray.

Nunes warned that unless the DOJ and FBI comply with all of his outstanding requests for documents and witnesses by the close of business on Monday then he would seek a resolution on the contempt citations before year’s end.

The Justice Department has since contacted the office of House Speaker Paul Ryan to establish a date for Strzok’s appearance before House Intelligence Committee staff, along with two other witnesses long sought by the Nunes team.

Hopefully, Nunes will be able to question Strzok about his obvious biases towards President Trump and will be able to reveal the hidden intention of why Comey decided not to prosecute Hillary Clinton and perhaps finally put her in jail where she belongs.