Donald Trump Is Quietly Gaining Big With Black Voters, And It Could End The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has had a stranglehold on black voters for decades. They have pushed “Donald Trump is a racist” talking points since day 1. So it would be very surprising to see Trump actually win over black voters. But that’s exactly what he’s doing according to Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press columnist and author of The Burden: African Americans and the Enduring Impact of Slavery.

In a recent column Riley argues that Trump is making incredible strides with black voters and Democrats have no real answers. Riley points to a number of important moves by the president including the pardoning of Alice Johnson and boxer Jack Johnson.

Riley explains:

“Donald Trump is wooing black voters.

“He doesn’t really have to do much.

“He does it by inviting the presidents of some of nation’s historically black colleges to gather in the Oval for a photo op, and watch them do it, because their schools are struggling or dying.

“He does it by freeing the Johnsons — freeing the history of Jack and commuting the sentence of Alice.

“Anyone who thinks that Trump didn’t gain some black votes by those actions last week doesn’t understand the power of connecting with the disconnected.

“In Detroit, and other urban areas – where we can’t get more than 14% to 20% of registered voters to turn out for a municipal election — and where many people still love Kanye West (though he thinks slavery was a choice) or R. Kelly (who is avoiding jail by inexplicable means) — Trump may be resonating.”

Riley also points to Trump working with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who have a huge following, and have shown a willingness to work with the president. And by doing so he’s getting people to compare him to President Obama. And that’s a very good thing for Trump. After all, Obama never pardoned Alice Johnson or Jack Johnson.

Riley also says that the Democratic Party has taken black voters for granted for years:

“He is making people forget that the Democratic Party champions programs for the descendants of the enslaved while the GOP attempts to convince us that slavery wasn’t as big a deal as we have been taught.

“A fellow columnist approached me at my book signing here to recount his wife’s experience at their child’s school. The subject was slavery, and the teacher said to the class. “If slaves were property, do you think that people would beat up their cars or take care of them?” His wife reported it to the principal, but what if that teacher is among thousands trying to teach that crap, damaging young black children in the process?

“Trump is wooing black voters by accepting the friendship of people like the comedian Steve Harvey, who believes that wealthy is a choice, and Kanye, who believes that slavery was a choice.”

At the end of the day Trump is showing black voters that he cares more about them than Democrats. And if it keeps going that way, he is assured of reelection.