Economist Stephen Moore Explains Why The Democratic Party Is On The Verge Of Total Collapse

Author and economist Stephen Moore recently sat down with Newsmax for an in-depth interview. In it, he predicts the Democratic Party is on the verge of a complete collapse. Moore explains that if Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020, it will be all over for the Democrats. Moore bases his prediction on incredible and unprecedented economic numbers.

Moore based his opinion, in part, on a recent report that shows the United States as the fastest growing economy in the world. This is in large part to the 3.8 percent unemployment number. Moore was an economic adviser to President Trump during the campaign. He says unless there’s an unexpected recession Trump has about a 70 percent chance of winning re-eelction.

Newsmax has more of the interview:

“Most locals think it is 10 percent,” he quips. “They can’t even imagine the American people would make this ‘tragic mistake’ twice, right?”

Moore predicts red-hot 3.5 to 4 percent GDP growth over the next year, adding another Trump victory in 2020 would effectively spell the demise of the current Democratic coalition, which has continued to slide further and further to the left as the Democratic base has remained transfixed by Trump twitter storms and as-yet unproven theories of Russian collusion.

He also says that the Democratic Party is killing itself by moving so far to the left:

Says Moore: “It’s simple: The lunatic left took over the Democratic Party. It happened in 2007 with the elevation of [California Rep. Nancy] Pelosi as Speaker. Then the vice grip was the elevation of the most left-wing president of modern times in Obama … and it’s drifted further to the left ever since then.”

Moore adds that he does not consider the midterm elections particularly consequential, because if Democrats win control of both chambers, “They’re going to waste two years trying to destroy Trump, and that’s only going to sow the seeds of their destruction. They think that’s an agenda. It’s a negative message: Kill Trump. What’s the positive message coming out of the Democrats these days…? It’s all negative.”

If Trump wins reelection in 2020, he predicts, “The Democratic Party will collapse and there will be a new party that will emerge that will hopefully be a centrist party. What’s happened to the Democratic Party the last 10 years is a tragedy, it’s horrible. It’s like Hugo Chavez is running the Democratic Party.”