Even Obama’s Top Advisers Are Forced To Admit Trump Was 100% Right About North Korea

Former Obama adviser David Tafuri begrudgingly admitted that what President Trump has accomplished with North Korea is nothing short of historic. President Trump has been criticized for talking tough with North Korea in the past few months, but he has come farther than any U.S. president before him.

Tafuri was forced to admit that the meeting was historic saying, “Well, I’m not skeptical in the sense of what happened today. What happened today was historic. But, we still don’t know if actually Kim Jong-un is going to change. And just like his father, who did a nuclear agreement with President Clinton in 1994, that broke down over the details. In part because North Korea didn’t follow the denuclearization plan. So we have just the first step in a very long process. Now, President Trump candidly acknowledged that to actually denuclearize it will take many years. That’s because North Korea has nuclear sites all over the country and we have to send in inspectors and we have to help them denuclearize. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un wants sanctions relief right away, so he’s not going to be that patient.”

But he’s not the only Obama adviser to make such a claim. Speaking on ‘The View’ recently Valerie Jarrett admitted that everyone should be rooting for Trump saying, “I think we should all welcome diplomacy over fire and fury, I think that’s right. Do I hope this works? Sure I do. We should all be rooting for him.”