Fox News’ Ed Henry Comes Forward, Issues Terrifying Warning That Has Dems Running Scared

Nancy Pelosi

The chief national correspondent for Fox News, Ed Henry, came on “Fox & Friends” to talk about the soon to be the downfall of the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her ridiculous comments about Republican’s ruining American’s lives are now getting out of hand, reports The Daily Caller.

Henry talked about how Pelosi described as the Republican tax cut that was passed last year would be an “Armageddon” for American citizens, and yet, American households are still standing and are actually doing better than ever after the GOP tax reform last year.

He also brings up the fact that since midterm elections are approaching quickly, a lot of House and Senate Democrats should be worried about their seats since no one Democrat in either chamber voted for the tax cuts.

“[Pelosi] was talking about the tax cut. It is going to be Armageddon. People are going to die. She said that before the crumbs comment. And that was when the tax cut was at 20 or 30 percent positive in the polls,” Henry said. “What she and Chuck Schumer are confronting now is that it’s flipped, big time. It’s very much in the green for President Trump. The economy is doing well, number one, and number two, these polls, there are endangered House Democrats and endangered Senate Democrats are looking at these polls saying, ‘This tax cut is popular, and not one Democrat in either chamber voted for it.’”

Henry goes on to talk about how a few Democrats could have voted for the tax bill once they saw it was going to pass anyway, but the liberals were so blinded by their opposition to the Trump administration that they refused to budge even a little and now will have to pay for it in the midterm elections.

“After it is clear the president’s going to win, you say, ‘okay, it is going to pass anyway. You four, five, Democrats, in tough races — vote yes. It doesn’t matter, it is going to pass anyway.’ But they were so determined to resist that they would not release these folks,” Henry concluded. “These are not just states that Trump carried like a Missouri, a Montana, West Virginia by two or three points. Many, much of these states Donald Trump carried by double digits, and so he’s going to be going to those states in the midterms. And that’s going to be a big problem.”