Fox News Host Drops BOMB On Crazy Liberal, Knocks Smirk Off Her Face With 3 Words

President Trump is always being attacked by the left over his use of Twitter. Jessica Tarlov was eager to continue that attack on a recent episode of ‘Outnumbered’ on Fox News.

What Tarlov did not count on was being “outnumbered” on the show. She made the following quip about Trump’s use of Twitter.

“The American public would also like the President of the United States of America to get off his Twitter account.”

Co-panelist Melissa Francis decided enough was enough and decided to rebut Tarlov’s claim and the way she did it was so perfect.

I totally disagree. That’s how he keeps his people following him … everybody who’s successful on social media has a very specific crowd following them. They understand the psychology of the people following them and they feed them every day. He is great at feeding Twitter and keeping his people following him. Everybody that doesn’t like him hates his Twitter account. That’s how that works when you’re really popular and popular on social media.

Tarlov was speechless. However, this was not even the part that got Tarlov the most. A panelist from off-screen can be heard saying ‘drop the mic.’

This led to the show to quickly move on to avoid further embarrassment to Tarlov.

Maybe Tarlov will learn to stop making claims about “The American Public” as a whole and start just offering her own opinions.