George Lopez Got The Surprise Of His Life When He Attacked Trump In The Wrong Room

Radical liberal comedian George Lopez was recently booed off stage at a gala for juvenile diabetes in Denver where apparently the crowd was filled with Trump supporters since Lopez’s typical act of ridiculing the president fell flat, reports Page Six.

Apparently a Trump backer and Liberty media CEO Greg Maffei donated $250,000 but requested that Lopez cool it with the anti-Trump jokes at the Carousel Ball.

Tables at the event were sold from $5,000 to $100,000 to benefit the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes.  According to an attendee at the event, Maffei was siting in the front row and kindly asked Lopez to stop making jokes about Trump, but Lopez ignored that request.

“George was asked nicely to stop making Trump jokes by a man in front row [Maffei] who just donated $250K.” But “George doesn’t, continues. Gets booed.” said a commenter on YouTube.

Page Six was told that Lopez responded to Maffei, “Thank you for changing my opinion on old white men, but it doesn’t change the way I feel about orange men.”

Lopez quickly saw that he was in trouble so tried to turn his routine around by apologizing but in his typical snide way: “Listen, it’s about the kids . . . I apologize for bringing politics to an event. This is America — it still is. So I apologize to your white privilege.”

It is reported that Lopez made some jokes about Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico saying, “I guess you can get some Mexicans to do it cheaper and they wouldn’t crush the tunnels ­underneath.”

When the audience didn’t respond the way he had hoped for, he quipped, “Are you El Chapo people?” in reference to the drug kingpin who has used tunnels to evade authorities.

Lopez then announced a video segment that was to play next and left the stage and did not come back on.  A local newscaster then took over the hosting duties since Lopez couldn’t face the embarrassment of going on stage again.

TV host Chris Parente posted on Twitter, “big controversy: host of HUGE charity #CarouselBall, @georgelopez, makes political comments about Trump, drops f-bomb and is escorted out.” But a source close to the comedian insisted to Page Six that Lopez’s segment was “only supposed to be four minutes,” even though he was listed as the night’s emcee.

Looks like Lopez should look into creating a new routine if he wants to stand a chance of doing anymore comedy.