Giddy With Excitement, MSNBC INCORRECTLY Explains ‘How Impeachment Works’

Ali Velshi

MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi got a couple of critical facts wrong during his outline of the impeachment process to get President Trump removed from office. Later in the 11:00 a.m. ET hour show, Velshi corrected his mistakes after being alerted to them by members of the audience via social media, Newsbusters reported.


As he reported that the “president’s campaign manager…was found guilty in an Alexandria, Virginia, courtroom within minutes of the president’s personal lawyer pleading guilty in a New York City courtroom, implicating the president in his crimes,” Velshi walked over to a touchscreen monitor in the studio displaying the headline, “How Impeachment Works.”

Velshi began to summarize the congressional process: “First of all, the House of Representatives draws up articles of impeachment. Think of the House as the prosecutor, the document details any, quote, ‘High crimes and misdemeanors that the president is believed to be guilty of.'”

He then falsely explained:

“Next, the House votes. At least two-thirds of the chamber has to approve the impeachment. Two hundred and eighty-eight votes, as it’s currently constituted, since there are four vacancies in the House right now.

“Once the House approves the articles of impeachment, the matter goes to the Senate, which acts more like a courtroom. The Senate tries the case and votes . . . Again, the threshold is two-thirds. Two-thirds of the Senate, 60 as it stands right now, are needed to vote guilty for impeachment.”

In reality, only a simple majority is required in the House for an impeachment vote.  The Senate does require a two-thirds majority vote on impeachment, that number would be 67, not 60.

After being informed by viewers on social media about getting the impeachment process wrong, Velshi corrected the record:

“Some days we love social media because a number of you sent me information about something I made a mistake on in the last segment. So I want to correct that real quick. To impeach the president, the House needs only a simple majority, not two-thirds. The House needs a simple majority. The Senate does need a two-thirds majority, but that would be 67 of the senators, 66 of the senators or 67, someone will help you with the math on that.”

It’s as easy as a Google search to find the entire impeachment process.