Google Targets Conservative News Sites Calling Them Liars, Liberal Sites Are OK


The mega monster search engine that everyone uses, Google, has now decided to become a partisan fact-checking site that only tells viewers how factually wrong conservative sites are while not even touching the liberal news sites, reports The Daily Caller.

In a new feature, Google has employed on their search engine page, whenever you search a news outlet a sidebar will pop up that shows “Topics they write about,” and if you go to a conservative site then they also have a “reviewed claims” section.

In the “reviewed claims” section, Google decided to take semi-random and out of context snippets from the articles and pretty much consistently say that the claim is either “false,” “unsupported,” “Incorrect,” or in like with the Washington Post’s grading system “three Pinocchios.”

Not only is this brief and confusing way of fact-checking an article wrong, but Google has this feature almost exclusively for only Conservative news sites. Alex Griswold from the Washington Free Beacon found when searching news sites on Google found this unfair vetting system on almost exclusively right-wing media sites.

The Daily Caller also even makes the claim that one of the stories that Google says is “three Pinocchios,” the Daily Caller says the sentence Google “randomly” chose to evaluate isn’t even in the article.

In the snippet that Google chose for The Daily Caller’s (DC) article, they make it appear that DC is claiming that all of the people hired to investigate the Trump administration and Russia is entirely composed of Clinton donors, when really the story simply states that Robert Mueller hired a Clinton donor to aid the investigation.

DC also says that the fact-checking sites that Google is using are far from bi-partisan and have been known to make mistakes themselves. Snopes is one of the sites and has deliberately omitted key details in order to protect John Kerry’s State Department before.

The fact-checking feature does not, however, show up on left-wing liberal news sites that sorely need to be checked themselves. If you Google sites like Salon, Crooks and Liars, Bustle, Think Progress, Huffington Post, Alternet, Jezebel, or Infowars, the fact-checking feature does not pop up and you are not told how much of liars they actually are.

Google also shows that major news corporations like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times all seem to be too high and might to deserve a “reviewed claims” section and instead not only have a “writes about” section but also showcases all the awards they’ve won. Apparently the bigger news (and mostly left) news publications are just too good to have ever possibly made a false claim.

What is not only disturbing about these clearly biased attacks on conservative media sites, is that Google is not meant to showcase this kind of information to people like this. They are a search engine, plain and simple, and they should remain that way and not try to present a consumer with information as the truth when in actuality it isn’t.

Leave the presentation of news alone Google, and let the fact checkers remain where they are meant to be.