GOP Strategist Sends Trump-Hating Pundit Into A Mental Breakdown After Saying 5 Words About The President

Political strategist Paris Dennard went on CNN to tell the liberal pundit Tara Setmayer to “get over” the fact that President Trump won the election and that her and liberals like her need to move on and stop whining over spilled milk, reports BizPac Review.

The three were on a panel for CNN to talk about Trump’s recent visit to a campaign rally in Pennsylvania where Dennard defended Trump’s choice to not talk about the Republican candidate but instead to talk about how pathetic the Democratic candidates were.

“He won — get over it,” Dennard said. “He won. That’s how we roll.”

Dennard made the comments in response to CNN host Fredricka Whitfield, who said President Trump misrepresented his support among women voters at a recent rally. Trump said he had received 52% support from female voters. Whitfield claimed he only got 41% support from all women voters, but 52% of white women.

Dennard was the director of black outreach under President George W. Bush and responded to Whitfield’ s comments saying that liberals need to stip parsing Trump’s every word in an attempt to discredit him and start getting serious about fixing the nation’s problems.

Setmayer, a self-proclaimed “conservative” who spends all her air time trashing President Trump, spat back:

“This kind of petulant, ‘get over it, he won’ attitude right there is why so many people feel that what Donald Trump created in this country is bigger than just ‘He won, get over it,’” she said. “It doesn’t have anything to do with that.”

Setmayer said if Barack Obama had acted as childishly has Trump has, or it he had a “porn scandal” like Trump does, Republicans like Dennard wouldn’t condone his behavior. “He behaves like a reality show joker,” she said.

“He’s not doing that,” Dennard replied. “I’m sorry you feel so passionate about the situation. Get over it, he won!”

Setmayer was furious that Dennard kept telling her to get over it.

“What is this? Get over what?” Setmayer shouted. “I’m just supposed to be okay with the President of the United States being like that?”

Basically what Paris Dennard was saying is that the media and anti-Trumpers quibble over and obsessively analyze every little thing President Trump does, says, or tweets because they don’t like him. They also continue to overlook his accomplishments since entering office like, crushing ISIS forces, tax reform, reducing illegal border crossings and making progress toward denuclearizing North Korea.

It’s not surprising though that CNN would support this liberal talking piece and help perpetuate this anti-Trump rhetoric during their broadcasts.