Hack ABC Reporter Harasses Dolly Parton Over Trump, Her Response Is Dropping Jaws

Dolly Parton, the famous country singer, and actor recently sat down with ABC’s “Nightline” where she refused to talk about her political beliefs or leanings, even though David Wright, the ABC reporter tried multiple times to have her say anti-Trump rhetoric, reports The Blaze.

The interview mostly talked about her successful singing career and her influence on country music everywhere. They also got into her career as an actor, which includes one of her iconic roles in the film “9 to 5″ which includes mega liberal Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

The film is about three women who work for a sexist and abusive boss and how the women overcome him and his tyrannical ways. This led Wright to set up the perfect question to ask Parton about how she feels about another man in the news who has been accused of being all those things.

“The sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot portrayed so effectively in that movie by actor Dabney Coleman hasn’t exactly disappeared from the culture. We have a president of the United States who said the things on that bus,” Wright said, attempting to lure Parton to say negative things about the president.

But Parton would not fall for that idiotic trap.

“I’m not addressing that,” Parton said.

“I do not get into that. Of course I have my opinion about everybody and everything, but I learned a long time ago, keep your damn mouth shut if you want to stay in show business,” she added. “I’m not in politics. I am an entertainer.”

“And yet you’re also a role model,” Wright replied.

“Yes, I am. That’s why I don’t talk about people,” Parton shot back.

What a classy lady. She understands what it means to be an entertainer and not have to push their political agenda on everyone who loves their music.

Just prior to her sharp response, Parton warned Wright that she refuses to discuss politics and would not answer any political questions.

“If you decide you may want to ask me something more serious — don’t because I’m not going to answer it,” she said. “You can ask but I might still tell you where to put [your question].”

It is terrible that ABC is trying to push their left-leaning coverage on Parton and it is evident more than ever in this interview.