Hannity Shocks His Audience With Evidence That Will Rock DC To Its Rotten Core

Sean Hannity laid out all the facts during his monologue Thursday night as to why the liberal media is trying to ignore and confuse its viewers to what is the real historic scandal going on in Washington right now with regards to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats trying to pin collusion with Russia on President Trump, reports Fox News.

“The corruption, desecration and malfeasance of constitutional civil liberties is now unmatched in the history of this country,” Hannity said, adding that the mainstream media have largely missed this story because they are focused on delegitimizing President Trump.

Hannity lays out the basic evidence that everyone should know by now, which is that Hillary Clinton, in order to influence the general election for 2016, she along with the Democratic National Committee hired a law firm (Fusion GPS) to then get an ex-British intelligence spy to write up a bogus dossier on Trump’s supposed connection to the Russian government.

Hannity also brings up the fact that former FBI Director James Comey and his “lackeys” ignored evidence in the Clinton email investigation and crafted a statement exonerating her months before even interviewing her and other key witnesses.

We now know, thanks to FBI agent Peter Strzok and his text messages with his mistress Lisa Page, that there were clear anti-Trump biases running rampant through the senior levels of the FBI and it is because of Comey and his team of Trump hating agents that Clinton was allowed to go uncharged and Trump is under constant scrutiny now too.

That salacious dossier was then used to unlawfully garner a FISA warrant which then allowed wiretapping and illegal surveillance be taken on the Trump campaign. Trump and his associates were the targets of potentially unlawful government surveillance abuses that all stem from Hillary Clinton.

“As we move forward, I would guarantee almost at this point there’s going to be massive investigations, and I would not at all be surprised [if] people will be going to jail, people will be indicted,” Hannity said.