Herman Cain Is Back – And He’s Targeting Anti-Trumpers In ‘Official Project’

Entrepreneur, author, radio host and former presidential candidate Herman Cain announced he has launched America Fighting Back PAC (AFBPAC), which promises to counter “a stream of disrespectful, dishonest and destructive news” about President Donald Trump and protect his agenda, the Western Journal reported.

“America is under attack,” reads the front page of the AFBPAC website. “We need you to stand up and Fight Back!”

During an interview with The Western Journal’s Josh Manning, Cain said he believes “all of the malarkey in the liberal media” has silenced many conservatives.

According to Cain, AFBPAC will push back by buying ad time and “going directly to the people.”

“America Fighting Back PAC has assembled an amazing group of marketing and social media experts who are committed to President Trump,” the group says on its website. “We are combining this media and marketing talent with the resources of millions of Americans to build a wall of truth, reason and messaging to counter the unhinged media and Washington political class.”

The Western Journal reports:

“Cain, a conservative activist and 2012 Republican presidential candidate, will be the face and voice of the campaign. He said AFBPAC already has shot nine commercials that will be going out over the airwaves in the near future.”

“President Trump faces a hostile media, an ongoing investigation from an out of control Special Counsel, and even lingering resentment by the establishment of the Republican party,” AFBPAC says in a memo outlining its strategy for 2018.

“The first line of defense in this effort is to keep a Republican majority in the United States House of Representatives,” the memo says. “If the Democrats don’t win a majority in the House of Representatives, President Donald Trump’s agenda continues to move forward.”