ICE Announces A New ‘Target’ And It’s Going To Change Everything – Illegal Aliens Running Scared!

According to Hot Air, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency are now going to start focusing on the employers who knowingly employ illegal aliens and therefore frequently abuse the illegal aliens by paying them “slave wages and offering no benefits.”

ICE has typically been focused on tracking down and rounding up any criminal illegal aliens and focusing on deporting them. But now according to The Daily Beast, they want to focus on the employers who are helping them stay in the U.S. but are also abusing them severely.

The industry that is the most responsible for this violation and supposedly the target of this operation is involved in food services.

“‘The plans detailed in the document are the strongest indication to date that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are increasing what’s called “worksite enforcement”—meaning, efforts to prosecute people who employ undocumented immigrants. As with all complex law enforcement operations, there’s a chance this one is altered or even scuttled. If it does go according to plan, however, it will be the first major worksite enforcement action of an administration that has promised to prioritize this core ICE mission,’ reports The Daily Beast.”

The Daily Beast’s report cites a report that claims nearly ten percent of the food service workers in the U.S. are undocumented, which may sound too high, but accounts and an anonymous source claim them to be accurate.

While the number of illegal aliens who are found working in these food industries is a big deal, the real story is the far-reaching effect this abuse could have on the entire border security situation.

These kinds of employers are making it seem like a viable option for illegal immigrants to cross the border and make it possible to live in the U.S.  If employers like these were shut down and a more substantial force on the border was shown (like a wall) then perhaps would finally fix this problem.

As soon as one of these employers is taken down and is shown to be held accountable for his actions, then perhaps other employers will follow suit.

There is proof that ICE has before been motivated enough to get a nationwide movement involved to finally stop the problem of illegal immigration. We just need that to happen now and start with the employers.