After Juan Williams Smeared Trump On Live TV, Immediately All Hell Broke Loose

“The Five” is a Fox panel segment with Juan Williams, Meghan McCain, Jesse Watters, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Greg Gutfeld. Williams is one of the last Democrats left on the Fox Network. Last Thursday’s episode saw Williams and McCain go at it over the ever popular Russia-Trump ties.

The debate focused on  the recent Donald Trump Jr. release of emails that showed he had a meeting with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya. The meeting, per the released emails, was about the exchange of information regarding Hillary Clinton and her campaign. However, Trump Jr. insists that no exchange took place.

McCain jumped on Williams, and his party, for not taking Russia seriously and allowing Veselnitskaya to enter the country legally.

“I’m sorry that your party never took any of this seriously for years and years and years!

“Those are the facts! I am not manifesting something that doesn’t exist.

“I am telling you that Obama never took Russia seriously and that is why this woman somehow ended up in the country.”

McCain was immediately joined by the other three panelists, Watters, Guilfoyle, and Gutfeld, and it was clear Williams was outmatched.

Maybe next time the liberals will think twice before attacking facts.