Just In: The Secret FISA Memo Is Going To Be Released – This Is What Trump Fans Need To Know

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy met with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes over the weekend to discuss next steps for the memo that details alleged abuses by the Intelligence Committee reports The Washington Examiner.

According to a committee source, no final decision was made on making it public because the three want to give lawmakers “who haven’t read it yet a chance to do so and weigh in.”

If a decision is made for a public release, the timeframe would probably be two to three weeks, the source told the Washington Examiner.

The four-page report, which was made available to the entire House on Thursday and has since been viewed by at least 180 members as of Sunday, is said to outline misuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by the Obama administration.

The FBI has not been able to see the memo yet either.

“The FBI has requested to receive a copy of the memo in order to evaluate the information and take appropriate steps if necessary. To date, the request has been declined,” FBI spokesman Andrew Ames told the Washington Examiner.

Unnamed individuals who spoke with the Washington Post said the memo contains assertions that seek to discredit Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that hired former British spy Christopher Steele to author the largely unverified “Trump dossier.”

The document reportedly says the FBI included false claims from Steele about Trump associates’ ties to Russia in an approved application to spy on campaign adviser Carter Page.

If this is what is written in the memo then that could mean a complete dismantling of the Robert Mueller investigation into Russian collusion with Trump which is what should have happened once we learned that nothing in the dossier had been corroborated or proven to be true.

The whole leadership of the FBI and the Justice Department really needs to be reevaluated and the investigation over Donald Trump and collusion needs to be thrown out so our government can focus on actual work.