JUST IN: Trey Gowdy Subpoenas FBI

The House Intelligence Committee has issued a subpoena to the FBI and the Justice Department to turn over documents pertaining the fake Trump dossier.

The investigation is headed by former prosecutor Rep. Trey Gowdy(R-SC) and he and his committee are fed up with the FBI and Justice Departments for dragging their feet on providing intel on the Trump-Russia investigation.

“The committee issued the subpoenas — one to the FBI, an identical one to the Justice Department — on August 24, giving both until last Friday, September 1, to turn over the information.

Neither FBI nor Justice turned over the documents, and now the committee has given them an extension until September 14 to comply.

illustrating the seriousness with which investigators view the situation, late Tuesday the committee issued two more subpoenas, specifically to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, directing them to appear before the committee to explain why they have not provided the subpoenaed information.

The subpoenas are the result of a months-long process of committee investigators requesting information from the FBI and Justice Department. Beginning in May, the committee sent multiple letters to the FBI and Justice requesting information concerning the Trump-Russia affair.”

The investigation is plagued by claims of Russian collusion and even British spies. So Gowdy and his crew of investigators are tired of waiting. The subpoena forces the two departments to divulge information regarding witness statements and documents. The goal of the investigation is to seek out if the FBI or Justice Department used information form the dossier for illegally obtaining warrants.

“I want to know the extent to which it was relied upon, if at all, by any of our intelligence agencies or federal law enforcement agencies,” Gowdy said, “and to the extent it was relied upon, how did they vet, or either corroborate or contradict, the information in it?”

It’s finally time this investigation produces results and Rep. Gowdy was able to give it the restart it needed to continue.