Left-Wing Reporter Demands Apology For People Being Mean To North Korea

A reporter from the Federalist tweeted on Sunday that North Korea is probably the “most brutal regime in human history,” and then a Washington Post columnist tweeted back saying that she needs to apologize for her statement, reports Twitchy.

First, it began with Bethany S. Mandel, who had just spent the weekend fundraising money to rescue North Korea refugees, was then criticized by this Post commentator who’s icon for Twitter is a picture of a pile of poop.

Weingarten’s insult then led to a back-and-forth on mansplaining:

Weingarten then goes on to list of examples of regimes that were awful, like Nazi Germany, Pol Pot’s, China’s communist leader Mao, and Genghis Khan, which all have done horrible atrocities but that doesn’t mean Weingarten can discount all of the horrible things happening in North Korea right now.

The fact that Post reporter would want to somehow hinder Mandel’s fundraising efforts as well is just a certain level of sick that I didn’t think the left media was capable of going. But that didn’t let Mandel stop her.