Legal Latina Drops A Nuclear Warhead On Illegal Aliens With EPIC Take-Down

Lupe Australia Maureen Moreno courageously stood up in front of California state senate and expressed her positions on illegal immigration.

California is notoriously liberal and has expressed their desires for a “sanctuary” state status, due to the will of the people of California.  However, not all people feel this way.  Moreno expressed her hesitations about allowing immigrants to come to California. 

“My father was a Mexican, my mother was a Tejano. I’m here representing my sister Angie whose son was murdered a block 0:20 away from my mother’s home 25 years ago. I don’t think he was the first victim.”

Moreno expressed her devastation at the loss of her nephew.  She calls for the families of those who have been hurt and murdered by the hands of illegal immigrants. 

“We were the first families to speak out in the state of California. You know I also am representing the angel mothers whose children have been slaughtered and murdered in our communities especially cities like Salinas California and Santa Ana  California Salinas an unofficial sanctuary city.”

Moreno goes on to discuss how the liberal narrative is terribly misguided.  Moreno’s family is not the only family that is worried about this. 

“You have weeping mother’s not only in California but throughout the United States now! It’s not here it’s everywhere now! Stop trying to blend the difference between illegal and legal. There’s a big difference. We’re Americans! We live in the American culture and we have the American spirit. We don’t steal. We don’t lie. And, we don’t take other people’s things. This man that was up here crying because he was locked up or something! These mothers, these families, their children are gone forever and can’t to be buried throughout California & the United States.”